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What is Your Wedding Vibe?

by:   on: 6th August 2018
What is your weding vibe? The Birde Diaries. Norfolk Brides Wedding Blog

What is your weding vibe? The Birde Diaries. Norfolk Brides Wedding Blog

Monday again?? Don’t those two precious days seem to go by even faster with this amazing weather we’re having? This heat wave has got me thinking about the kind of wedding I want. Sultry weather, eating outside, children able to run and play outside in the wilderness… it all sounds idyllic. These daydreams about what it could be like has led on to thoughts about themes and colour schemes and I’ve begun get a real sense of what style wedding we should have.

I’m not talking theatrical, OTT crazily themed weddings like the ones you see on “Don’t Tell the Bride”, but I have been deliberating whether or not to go with some kind of personal twist to make our wedding really unique.  The whole concept of getting married is something so ancient and widespread throughout every culture that it has become an amalgamation of traditions from all around the world. In the last decade, since the influence of social media really took off, couples have been getting really creative and people are feeling able to make their weddings distinctive and personal.  In many ways, people are creating their own traditions, being more fluid with the whole concept of the wedding and moulding it into their own special day with a limitless freedom to do so.

I still feel like I am up in the air about what exactly I want the feel of our wedding to be.  There are definite themes I’m not keen on and certain images I have in my head that I really want (good weather…) but a lot of that overall feel will come down to what style of venue we eventually choose.  Ideally, we will be somewhere with loads of space and if the God’s allow – no rain.  Jason and I are kind of a no-frills couple. When I met Jason (5 years ago) he was living at in a shared house in a room that was smaller than my mum’s walk-in-wardrobe.  When asked, he said ‘I don’t care, as long as I’m not living under a bridge!’  As you can imagine, Jason couldn’t give a flying crap what the table decorations will look like for our wedding.  I, on the other hand, do care a bit and I love beautiful things, but they need a purpose and they need to be robust and practical.  When we (sorry, I) decide on decorations for the dinner tables and reception I will, of course, want it to look pretty but also to be simple and unpretentious.  Hopefully, the props and decor are things we can use again. I have a friend who had the most down-to-earth, natural wedding in a local village hall and garden. She and her sisters made all the bunting and table arrangements and they bought some patchwork quilts for people to sit on outside.  They still use them for celebrations and picnics years on and they mean so much to them now because of all the happy memories. Perhaps in years to come her children will use them for their weddings and they can become a kind of heirloom.  I think that’s such a lovely notion!

I’m Irish and Jason is of Romany Gypsy descent so I think we need to have a bit of a natural/wild kind of wedding.  I am really drawn to the festival inspired forest type wedding. Not necessarily a theme per say, more of a setting, but something relaxed and not at all stuffy.  I have my eye on a certain venue on the north Norfolk Coast, it is a converted barn with a large patio, big meadows and you can see the sea sparkling in a little forest.  It’s civilised enough to ensure everyone is comfortable and can take shelter if needed but also surrounded by natural beauty and the countryside so that we have the best of both worlds.  For me, the ideal venue is functional, comfortable but with a slightly dishevelled and rustic charm. Much like myself.

I’ve seen a lot of weddings were the couple have themed cakes and table decorations that express their personalities and interests.  For example, a Harry Potter themed wedding cake or both their favourite books as a centrepiece on the tables. The thing is, Jason and I don’t really share any of the same interests! I’ve tried really hard to think of nice, quirky things that we both share a love for but unfortunately Jason is a complete philistine and his favourite past times are playing World of Warcraft and lifting weights.  My favourite things other than being a loud-ish feminist are mermaids and cute animals and I’m not sure how these things combined would work on a cake or as a centrepiece, only other than to confuse and cause anxiety to our guests.  I guess not all these wedding ideas work for every couple and we may have to go for something a bit more neutral (although a feminist mermaid cake topper..? EY?).

Basically, there are so many wonderful little touches you can experiment with to set your own vibe. Affordable weddings no longer have to be a set package deal.  Even in this county, there are so many emerging businesses that help you to select decor and props. The Little Lending Company is a fabulous example; they have an ever-growing selection of beautiful decorations and props to create an eclectic vibe without having to trawl through hundreds of antique stores or dish out a fortune for things you’ll only use once. 100% effortless and beautiful, 0% waste.

In my case, once our venue is booked, I will feel like we will be able to really embrace the whole theme…or shall we call it – the vibe of the wedding.  We know it wants to be laid back and simple but with a few statement pieces to make the day really memorable and to help express our individuality as a couple.

What is your weding vibe? The Birde Diaries. Norfolk Brides Wedding Blog

What is your weding vibe? The Birde Diaries. Norfolk Brides Wedding Blog

A quick google search has revealed these below to be the Top Five Searches on Pinterest for a Wedding Theme…


This is first on the list and I can understand why.  It’s an adaptable theme and would work in many different settings; church, barn, woodland or hotel.  Pastel colours, candles, a big princess wedding dress. Let’s admit it, as little,  girls most of us dreamed of a Disney princess style wedding so can you blame any woman on wanting to make that dream a reality?



I think most trendy weddings have a tinge of vintage inspiration.  The word ‘vintage’ is quite vague in my opinion and could refer to any era. It’s more about choosing what vintage era you fancy and we have a wonderful selection to choose from.  My friend Brioni is having a Seventies, retro theme which I love the idea of.  Not only can people use cultural influences to shape what kind of wedding they fancy but they can also look to past styles, fashion and art and incorporate that.


What could be a nicer and more natural way to influence your special day than to structure it around what time of year it is.  Think seasonal foods, flowers, colours and festivities.  The temperature can even help you to choose what style of dress you have!

Colour Schemes

A simple and traditional way to narrow down the look and feel of your wedding.  Once a colour scheme is chosen, many couples find that the rest of the organising becomes a lot easier.  This is an especially effective approach for a more conventional wedding and it is a beautiful, understated way to express your personalities.


Last but not least, the theme I am drawn to the most.  Norfolk is such an amazing county for a Bohemian, woodland style wedding.  There are literally hundreds of amazing local venues that you’ll be spoilt for choice. I think a lot of free-spirited brides to be are drawn to this idea for so many reasons.  It’s a timeless, effortless look and it’s so malleable and can be done on any type of budget.


Overall I’m definitely thinking festival, boho vibes. Lots of live music, dancing, tasty-wholesome food, wild flowers and lashings of gin. Any other brides after the same kind of style? Or recently had a wedding and went through the same thought process as me? I’d love to hear how you came to settle on a theme and what inspired you along the way.

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