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Wedding Trends you will find at Most Curious Wedding Fair THIS SUNDAY!

by:   on: 4th April 2017

10 x 2017 Wedding trends as scouted by Most Curious Wedding Fair, the wedding show for the style savvy couple, from the Norwich show exhibitors. The Norwich event is happening this Sunday 9th April at St Andrews Hall, Norwich. Come and see them all unfold at the show, including 60 en vogue exhibitors, fashions shows, cake, bubbly and music!


1.Bell or feature sleeves

The 70s silhouette of the billowing, bell,or feature sleeve is everywhere and if you want to be on top of the trends,your big day outfit needs to reference this. Gone are the days of totallysleeveless, these puppies had better be all present and correct and ready toshine. Whether it’s oversized, embroidered or extra long, just think, big andstatement – if your sleeves are not the key feature of your dress in 2017 youmight have to rethink things…

Brilliant babe Lola’s Vintage will havelots of authentic options such as this beaut seen with the denim jacket, at theNorwich show. She’s styling all the Norwich fashions too, so you know they’regonna be good!

Lolas Vintage Through The Woods We Ran

2.Pressed flowers

2017 will be the year of pressing flowersonto and into, well everything. From the veil, to the dress, the cake, thedrinks, heck even the ice bucket and maybe if you’re uber trendy, your ownskin, ala fashion babes Preen by Thorton Bregazzi. Pretty pansies anddelicate daisies – dainty with detail type blooms are the bloom de jour andit’s a fresh new vibe that is a great new idea, rather than a rehashing of anold one, so thumbs up from us! Put all the pansies on everything – as seen byyummy Sweet Nothing Bake House who’ll be set up with her cake truck outside theshow, as well as Nelson’s Cottage Bakery who created this edible flower adornedcake which we love.

Sweet Nothing Bakery Nelson's Cottage Bakery Norwich Preen

3.Pink  – everything!

You maybe have noticed in the world offashion and art pink is where it’s at, baby pink, blush pink, coral pink andmaybe all together, and its trickling through to weddings – see it on the cake,the flowers (as seen on this impressive bouquet by Swaffham Florists and who’llbe at the show) and peachy tones are even coming through in wedding and bridesmaid dresses available to see at The Bottom Drawer Bridal boutique ( who is also exhibting at the show),adding a little interest to the traditional whites and creams, and throughoutdecor you will be seeing these palette at the coolest of nuptials, with rosyvelvet drapes and balloons. Heck we’ve even got Nelson’s Cottage Bakerymaking pink themed macarrons, some of which will be going in our equally PINKgoodie bags, part of the PINKTOPIA theme of the 2017 shows.


4. Balloons are back.

In fact, Balloons are at the forefront ofthe pink resurgence for weddings, and in general they are making a bigcomeback. Clustered in varying sizes and shades of the same colour (namelypink!) and en masse in matte, rather than shiny finishes, the humble balloon isdefinitely having a resurgence. And you’re quids in as this is a greataffordable way to make a statement that covers a large area with ease. Joiningus at the Norwich show to create more PINKTOPIA Balloon dreams, are Fetti andBow, come and see them turn a Medieval Hall pink while simultaneously bringingback the cool of the balloon for 2017!

5. Neon Signage.

The flouro tubular lighting most oftenassociated with nail bars and strip joints is having a moment. Whether it’s acool slogan made bespoke for you, as a ceremony backdrop or photo op, orre-using of existing signs to mark out your bar area or dance floor, neon signsare 2017’s most en trend decor feature. If you make it pink too you’re doublewinning.

6. 70s – think disco balls, big hair, big earrings and even dungarees style bridal!

So your hair needs to be a) down and b)big, think Diana Ross or Farah Faucett. The era of stardust, glitter, glam andgeneral fabulousness is getting a modern make over for the coolest weddings.Boho is still there, but it’s had a spruce up and it’s ready to boogie.

7. Feature jackets.

In 2017 you’re nobody if your bridal outfitdoesn’t include having some sort of bad-as imagery or wordage emblazoned acrossyour shoulder blades, via casual jacket vibes. Light denim or leather coatswill be making an appearance in many of the coolest brides evening attire asthey party on the dancefloor, with text alluding to the their new wifey or Mrsxxx status.

8. Pretty, detailed sweet things

We are seeing a lot of love for FrenchPattiserie style deserts in the up and coming wedding season. Pastry delights,glittery pink cherries, sprinkled with pretty edible,colourful sprigs and shoots, tarts and tartlets, madeleines,macaroons, clever, detailed structural additions and wild decorative elementsto cakes – the simple, naked cake may be in it’s way out and wow-factor yumsare back in. Make sure you check our Buns of Fun, Sweet Nothing Bake House andour very own in-house cafe Expresso Caterers (they do weddings too!) to see thetrend for reals.

9. Painterly style 

We are seeing this as a trend that has beensimmering for a while but definitely making its mark on 2017. Stationery andfloor plans, maps to the big day, cakes and even some dresses all have thathand painted and water colour look. It’s subtle and beautiful and all aboutembracing a maker with real skill so we’re into it! Look to super cute Frog& Pencil a the show as well as The Wedding Illustrator who is going to bedoing live painted illustration at the event itself!

10. Applique and embroidered florals on wedding dresses

The 3D textural and tactile element todresses is strong this year, with trailing flowers and vines, even theodd butterfly or snake making an appearance in the mix-pioneered by Gucci last season. Poppy Dover creates beautiful littlelove slogans and and motifs embroidered on her gowns and Norwichexhibitor The Bottom Drawer Bridal and many others show flowers slightlylifting off the fabric of dresses. It’s pretty, clever and interesting all atthe same time. Through the Woods we ran have amazing examples of this well,uber cool Australian photographers who have recently relocated to the UK andwill be at the Norwich show, hoping to find all you hip East Anglian couples!


A note about the goody bags! The first 100 brides to attend, who have already bought an advance ticket online will get one of the goody bags, which includes among other things, a Norfolk Brides magazine, stationery by Frog & Pencil and Sam Wood, Dermatalogica samples from Norwich School of Beauty and some bubbles from Adnams, I mean not bad for 2.50, ay?!





St Andrews Hall, St Andrews Street, Norwich, NR3 1AU


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