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WEDDING PLANNING: Little Details – Big Impact

by:   on: 15th August 2017

In a world of social media, fresh ideas matter, and Lauren Gregory from Lullaby Weddings  believes it’s the finer details which guests remember most at weddings. Here she tells us why and gives us some ideas for creating those little “wow” moments…

Today’s brides tend to have Pinterest accounts and access to so many images online that it’s often part of our job to whittle down the possibilities and start work on the ones we think will create impact and become most personal to the client.

      “At Lullaby Inc, we don’t believe in “themes” as such, but always start with one “item”, be it a certain flower, a bird, a motto, a letter, and work outwards from there – it becomes the seed from which the tree grows.”

Here are some ideas of finishing touches guaranteed to make your wedding day extra special.

Photos: Ross Harvey


Less is often more, but classic creams and ivory can be given instant wow factor when you splash in some specific bold colour pops with decor, dress, food or drinks. Don’t be afraid to use colourful accesories across the board, just be minful of colour combos and splash the colour sparingly – too much and you will end up with a carnival look. A few coordinated yet subtle touches are usually enough to make the statment.

Photo from Lullaby Inc Twitter


Streamers, paper bags, canap cartons, confetti – paper can offer the most attractive and cost-effective solution to your big day, so never underestimate its potential. It’s also easy to customise and even DIY ahead of the big day.

Photo from Lullaby Inc Twitter

Photo from Lullaby Inc Twitter


The modern day wedding guest tends to know their cocktails, but will never have tasted one bespoke to you. You can opt for Lullaby Inc crew to create personalised cocktails for welcome drinks, speeches, or for the wedding bar. Not only they will  add that personal and unique touch to your day, but they can  a brilliant ice-breaker too!

Imagine all the fun coctail tasting ahead of the day as well – win win in our books!


Particularly at sit down wedding breakfasts, it’s good to keep your guests busy so the conversation flows. It could be an activity, a message book, a DJ request card. It’s a great way to involve your guests in a way that allows them to play their part in your big day.

These are such easy and inexpensive ways of making a statment at your wedding day; why not cahnnel your inner creative and give it a try?

If you, however, are not 100 percent sure or confident, or really don’t have time to ‘sweat the small stuff’ and need someone to give you a hand – Lauren of Lullaby Inc is YOUR girl. With undeniable passion all things cool and quirky, she keeps her finger on pulse when it comes to industrial trends and planning some of the most unusual and lavish nuptials both the Big Smoke and our lovely county of Norfolk.

And while we have you reading – do make sure you check out the BRAND SPANKING NEW Lullaby Inc Weddings Website and a get a feel of the kind of prettyness you can expect from this fabulous girlgang that Lullaby Inc has going on!

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