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WEDDING PLANNING: How to look good in your wedding photos?

by:   on: 13th January 2017

Everyone wants to look amazing on their wedding day, with make-up and hair trials, dress appointments, and an exercise and diet plan that Jessica Ennis would be proud of. But it’s also worth taking some time to think about your photos and how to ensure they capture the best angles of your day.  We asked Ella and Jorge, from The Wedding Story Tellers, who recently moved to Norwich from Portugal, to suggest some things to consider.

Natural style

If you hate having your photo taken, then choose a photographer with a relaxed and natural shooting style. That way the photos will be taken with a more documentary approach, which means you won’t be made to do cheesy awkward poses that may make you look weird in the photos.

Engagement shoot

One of the best ways to feel more comfortable about your wedding photos is to book an engagement shoot, ideally with the same photographer who will take your wedding photos. That way you will get to know your photographer, learn how they work and build a rapport . You will be surprised how much fun you have and this will definitely put you at ease for your big day. You will also learn what angles and poses you prefer the look of, so will know to do these on your wedding day.

Happy thoughts

When having your photos taken, your photographer will ask you to snuggle up and flirt with each other; but how to get those really beautiful natural photos of you together? Firstly – relax and try and forget that someone is there to take photos of you. Think about your first/best/sexiest date or the time  when you got engaged; perhaps the birth of your child or simply think about how much you love each other. If you think about these genuinely happy memories you are sure to have magical expressions on your faces.

Group photos

It’s always nice to have a few formal family photos on your wedding day, but keep these to a minimum. Ella and Jorge recommends no more that 8-10 shots. Chose some absolutle must haves, such as a group photo and images with loved ones, elderly relatives and your children, other than that – let the photographer suggest the images and allow them time to take more informal natural photos on your day. The best pictures usually are ones of people talking, laughing and having fun together!

Ditch the lists

Keep it simple. Don’t send your photographer a huge list of shots you want or Pinterest photos – a healthy selection for inspiration is fine, but dont expect every singe shot to be replicated at your wedding. If you overload your photographer with ideas and photos you want to recreate they won’t have the opportunity to  focus on taking the very special images that happends spontaniously – these are the shots that are most special and will be unique to you and your wedding day.


Hiring a professional makeup artist is essential for looking good in your photos: unless, of course you are excellent at doing your own make up! We hear many brides say that they’ve bought top make-up products and will do their make-up themselves – it can work, but it can backlash. If you absolutley insist having your own make up – practice, practice, practice. And take photos – you will find that make up that looks lovely and soft in real-life, can sometimes look bland and almost non-existant in photos. Perfecting the natural, soft bridal make up is an art in itself, and that is why it is worth every pennyhiring a professional make up artist.

While we are on make-up, let’s not forget the boys! Yes, that’s right guys, a little bit of clear translucent powder on your face will make you look so much better in your wedding photos. You won’t be able to see the make-up but it takes the shine off your face which can sometimes look like sweat!


Your hair needs to look good for many hours, so again, we’d reccomend you use a professional, especially if you would like to have your hair in an up-do.  Do choose style that suits your face, wedding dress and the theme if you have one. If you normally wear your hair down, the chances are you are not going to like an up style on your wedding day. You should also consider how your hair reacts to styling, for example, if you know your hair doesn’t hold curls, don’t set your heart on them for your wedding day!


Sun burn

If you’re getting married in the summer, don’t forget to make sure you and your partner both apply a high factor sun cream before and on the wedding day, especially if you are getting married abroad in a hot country. We have seen brides turn lobster red on the actual day because they forgot to apply!


For those who want to take that extra step in preparing for your photos, look at yourself in the mirror and work out which angles you prefer of your face and body. You can also do this by taking photos of each other. Why not send one or two photos that you have taken to your photographer; tell them why you love or hate those photos; that way they will know what you like!

Meet Ella + Jorge

Norwich Norfok wedding photographer Ella and Jorge

Photo: Ewa Labuda Photography

I hope that you found this advice to be helpful and informative. I am sure that Ella and Jorge will be more than happy to give you some more tips on looking fab in your wedding photos. Ofcourse, if you’d like to check out their porfolio or get in touch to arrange a meeting, do visit their Profile for contact details.

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