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WEDDING PLANNING: Big Day Beauty – Do’s and Dont’s

by:   on: 9th January 2017

Make Up By Amanda Steed.

Image: Tatum Reid Photography

With so much beauty products out there it can be really tricky to know what you can and should do before the big day and what you should avoid at all costs. We have asked the leading make-up artist Amanda Steed to give her top tips for the perfect beauty and skincare regime.


  1. Start thinking about the hairstyle you would ultimately like a year in advance if you can. This will give you growing time if your hair is a little on the short side.
  2. Have regular facials and take time to get your skin in the best possible condition. Consult with a specialist as to the best skincare ranges to use for your skin type.
  3.  Cut down on caffeine and dairy products, these can cause bags under the eyes, skin puffiness and, in some cases, breakouts. Drink plenty of mineral water – up to four litres a day if you can, but a minimum of two litres is essential for glowing and rehydrated skin.
  4. Get into shape. Give yourself a good 12 months if possible to eat clean healthy food and get active. The body bible is a great book and Instagram sensation Joe Wicks is great for HIIT training for fat burning and lean muscle tissue, as well as clean eating plans.
  5. If you are deciding to do your own make-up on the day, take time to arrange at least one make up lesson. I would advise booking with a bridal make-up artist who will have lots of experience with the up-to-date looks for brides.
  6. Pinterest is the most fantastic of mediums. Using a mood board to help you choose the hairstyle and make-up for your wedding is invaluable to you and your stylist. You can take this to your trial to show exactly what you like and don’t like.
  7. Do your research on bridal hair and make-up stylists. Choose someone whose work you love. Read their reviews from other brides, but also ask around. Word of mouth is the best way of finding out about the best stylists.
  8. If thinking about having semi-permanent lashes, have a trial first. There are so many lash technicians out there and some are better than others.
  9. Eyebrow shaping is an essential part of the prep for your wedding. There are many different options, from threading to micro blading. Always use a reputable and professional therapist.
  10. Book early! All the best stylists are getting booked up at least a year in advance, so make your enquiries early to avoid disappointment.



  1. Don’t have a facial the day before the Wedding. In most cases your skin will be fine, but why risk a break out of spots or an unsightly rash just before the Big Day. I usually suggest a good week before the Wedding for your last facial with a beautician.
  2. Don’t fake tan the day before the wedding unless you are absolutely sure that it is not going to streak or come off on your dress. Nothing worse than an unhappy Bride who feels that she looks orange and streaky!
  3. If you should be unlucky enough to have a large spot appear over night or a few days before the day. DO NOT squeeze it! There are lots of products on the market which will take inflammation down and your make up artist will then be able to cover it no problem. Much harder to cover a scab! I love to use lavender oil it’s an anti inflammatory and a natural antiseptic too. Works a treat!
  4. Do not use products on the day that you have not tried and tested. With make up it is really important to get the right colour foundation and formula that will work best with your skin. A foundation with too much talc content can sit badly and look cakey.
  5. If you are doing your own make up on the day don’t buy cheap make up products and expect them to last the day. Spend a bit more money and get products that have good reviews for longevity and staying power it’s a long day and you want to look great all the way through.
  6. Don’t do your make up in artificial light or under a fluorescent ceiling lighting. Choose natural day light close to a large window to ensure you can see the colours.
  7. Don’t be afraid to go for colour. Natural and nude colours on your lips can look dull and lifeless in your photos. Go for something a bit brighter than you would normally wear for that wow factor!
  8. Don’t rush, if you are having a make up artist on the the day they would allow a minimum of 45 minutes to do your make up, so you should allow the same if you are doing it yourself.
  9. Don’t be pushed into styles that are too trend led either by your friends or the stylist. It is really important that you look and feel confident and beautiful on the day not self conscious about the way you look. If you never wear make up don’t feel pressured to have a full coverage make over with smokey eyes.
  10. Don’t spend huge amounts on products that you will only use for your Wedding day. Speak to your hairstylist or make up artist who will advise you on products which would be best for you. They do not have any brand loyalty unless they are selling products so will be completely honest with their advice.


There are loads of things that we tend to forget, or leave until last minute. Use the list above as a brief guide to get you started and amend to suit your needs.

You can contact Amanda for more information, help and advice via her ‘Make up by Amanda Steed’ Facebook page, or check out some of her work on her website.

Do you have any tips that we should add to this list? Let us know!


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