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Top 6 Christmas Presents for Him & Her

by:   on: 19th December 2014

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Regardless, Father Christmas should visit us all – including the grown ups!

I always used to judge how good I was, by the contents of my stocking ( particularly counting the golden coins and oranges). I have crawled the net to find a few ideas for your last minute Christmas shopping and hopefully you will find some great presents for your Husband / Wife – to – be. 

After chatting to some friends I have come to the conclusion that as we grow older our tastes tend to change and we tend to either get all the stuff that we want ourselves and not leave many more gift ideas for our loved ones ( guilty as charged!) or we want things that we cant quite afford (yup, that barn conversion and a new car is going to have to wait)… Not all presents has to be big or expensive though – sometimes, small but stylish gifts can be sentimental ever so special!

Christmas Presents for your Husband (to be!) 

Christmas shopping is tough. Even if you know what the other half wants – its still hard to find the perfect Christmas present as there is always a need/want for that element of surprise ( who wants to unwrap only the Christmas presents that they had asked for?!)

Even a small touch, such as a mandatory stocking filling with some cool Christmas Socks or ever so trendy Stag Cufflinks are sure to make your man smile. But if you are feeling very generous and want to spoil him this Christmas – consider a cool watch or go for his favorite aftershave to make the present practical.

Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM from left to right: Personalised Christmas Socks, Etsy // Classic Automatic Chronograph Bremont Watch, // Christmas Jumper,

Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM from left to right: Personalised Stag Cufflinks, Etsy // Neroli Portofino Eau De Parfum by Tom Ford, John Lewis // Leather Cufflink Box,

Christmas Presents for your Wife (to be!) 

Are you a true romantic? This is the cutest idea to surprise your wife-to-be. Genuine actual pieces of Moon Dust have been captured in the prettiest of glass teardrop vials; how many people can say they’re wearing the Moon? This is one pretty special necklace!

Aside of the prettiness of the jewelry, there is always an option to spoil your lady with fabulous stylish coat or perhaps a very chic & classy handbag by Alexander McQueen? If not, you can always consider a luxurious skincare range treatment or a cheeky Christmas jumper to add to the festive spirit.

Christmas Gift Ideas for HER from left to right: The Moon Dust Necklace, Eclectic Eccentricity // The Rejuvenating Collection at Crme De La Mer, Harrods // Palace Wool Coat, French Connection

Christmas Gift Ideas for HER from left to right: ‘Velo Love’ Fine Art Gicle Print, // Padlock large textured-leather tote, Alexander McQueen, // Abercrombie & Fitch Christmas Bear Jumper, ASOS


… and in case you managed to stumble upon this post by accident and you are not actually planning your wedding – the BEST Christmas Present for your girlfriend / boyfriend… could definitely be a sparkler on their left hand finger. 

If both of you are madly and love and you are ready to commit to your partner for many Christmases ahead – surprise them by popping the question over the festive season this year! 

Get some of our expert advice on choosing a perfect engagement ring and visit Norwich Jewellers for free, no obligation consultation and try some AMAZING engagement rings ( who doesn’t love that?!) 

Engagement Ring: Andrew Geoghegan Cannele Diamond Ring, Aurum Jewellers

Either way – whatever you buy ( or dont!)  – as long as you have the loved ones with you – I am sure they will be happy and grateful for everything. It is easy to get lost in the commercial side of Christmas and forget the true meaning of Christmas – spreading the happiness, good will and cheer! 

Do tel us what presents you got for your partner and if you have any interesting suggestions or ideas – do share them in the comments bellow – I am sure our readers would find them helpful ( I know I will!)… and if we dont speak before – I hope you will have a fantastic Christmas and Father Christmas will be generous to you and your loved ones! 


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