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Things to Consider When Planning a Marquee Wedding

by:   on: 16th April 2018
Tips for Panning a Marquee Wedding in Norfolk. Morton's Event Hire

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As wedding trends move more toward a rustic focus, marquees have also been growing in popularity as ‘do it yourself’ venues. You could also attribute this growing trend toward celebrity inspiration such as Pippa Middleton, who’s all glass bespoke marquee was the talking point of her wedding to James Matthews. Whether you want a little bit of flexibility on numbers, adore being close to nature or simply just want a truly unique wedding, there are lots of components which can contribute to choosing a marquee for your big day.

We’ve spoken to Morton’s Event Hire, who has been at the forefront of this trend in Norfolk for over a decade. Providing couples with luxurious canvases for their big day, they have helped to cater for over 300 happy brides & grooms. Not only do they work with their couples to find them the perfect marquee set up, the team at Morton’s also offer the accessory packages such as luxury toiles, lighting, power and entertainment.

Just like with anything else, there are decisions to be made about your marquee and lots of different factors to consider. Here, we have a breakdown all that you could ever need to think about when planning a marquee wedding, once you have found your perfect wedding venue.


The ‘technical’ stuff

  • Space. Space is usually a concern, both in the place you’re erecting the marquee and the amount of room inside of. Most marquees can accommodate up to 200 people and will work on almost all surfaces. Modular pods are the most popular at Morton’s due to their interconnecting format that allows you to build a venue, even when the layout is a little difficult to work with. Inside, you can have enough room for the wedding breakfast, a bar, a dance floor and even a stage for the band!
  • Weather. With the unpredictability of the British weather, it can be difficult to know what to do if your outdoor, summer wedding is suddenly rained on. Marquees allow you to bring the indoors outside, regardless of the weather. The durable fabric of marquees keeps guests protected from all types of weather conditions. This means that you can have your outdoors ‘summer’ wedding at any time of the year!
  • Heating. Worried about colder temperatures when the sun goes down? Fire pits are a natural alternative to keeping warm when the night sets in. Guests can stay outside if they wish, and just like any fire provide a natural focal point for guests to congregate. They’ll add loads of ambience to your event whilst keeping your guests toasty warm. Alternatively, we also offer powerful generators, which can be used to power heaters throughout your marquee.


Let’s talk money

For many brides and grooms, a budget will always be hanging around in the back of the mind, affecting certain decisions. For many, a venue can often work out a lot more expensive than people expect and consider marquees as the budget-friendly option. Take a look at our broken-down cost factors.


  • Most quotes start with the cost of your basic marquee. Ranging anywhere from £650 to £2500, this usually includes the matting, lining, interior lighting and a dancefloor.
  • Next, consider the number of guests. The number of guests can affect the overall cost of furniture based on how many chairs/tables you will need. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t cost anything to have additional guests in the evening.
  • Then, your accessories. Consider what you need to make the day complete. Luxury toilet units, a stage for the band, a bar staffed or unstaffed, catering unit, a generator to power your day? Perhaps you need all of them, maybe you don’t need anything extra, this will play a part in your overall total.
  • Finally, the boring bit and the last cost factor to consider, the VAT and any damage waivers attached to your hire. These are usually calculated over the entire quote to give you a final price!
Tips for Panning a Marquee Wedding in Norfolk. Morton's Event Hire

Photo by Phil Barnes Photography

Making it beautiful

Decorating! Usually the most exciting part of the entire process. The art of transforming your marquee into something that suits you, your wedding and your vision down to a tee. Many would think there are limitations to what you can do inside a marquee but the team at Morton’s has seen all sorts.

Paper lanterns have become a popular trend with our customers. Along with the adoption of both hanging and decorative foliage to bring an outdoorsy feel inside. We have also seen fairy lights used in tactful ways to instantly create a certain atmosphere or vibe to the interior. Themes at the weddings we’ve attended have ranged from modern and minimalistic to all out woodland wonderland so the possibilities on what can be achieved are endless.


If you are considering having a marquee for your wedding, then you are in luck when it comes to the decor as marquees lend themselves to be a blank canvas where you can put your own stamp on and get as creative as you like. The team at Morton’s Event Hire works with many reputable wedding businesses who can help you with your marquee styling. You can find some great wedding stylists and prop hire businesses on our website too.

If you are looking for a stretch marquee, a modular marquee pod or a traditional wedding marquee for your big day, do check out Morton’s Event Hire profile and other services they offer.


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