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Meet Vania Couture | Bridal Designer in Norwich

by:   on: 6th August 2014

Occasional Wear Norwich Vania Couture

Vania Couture offers bespoke bridal and occasional wear designs by Portuguese designer Andreia Lobato in their Norwich studio. Both bespoke and off the peg collections are handmade by the designer and is exclusive to each client. Here is what Vania has to say…

“Hello I am Vania Alves, based in Norwich and I am here to provide a bespoke, unique and exclusive dressmaking service. I am currently working with designer/friend Andreia Lobato. I can describe our style as modern, chick, elegant and very feminine.

Andreia and I form a very strong and fun team. Our friendship got stronger and closer since Andreia designed my dream wedding dress for my own wedding few years ago. I loved the experience and have never left Andreia alone since. We have been working for over a year and its being a very good experience which helps Vania-Couture to deliver the best product and service.

We have very different backgrounds. While I have studied business management at UEA and have a lot of experience in dealing and running the business smoothly, Andreia on the other hand is the creative spirit – she is the creator/designer and has a degree in fashion. Combined our skills together works perfectly and we can offer our brides the best of both worlds – Andreia can concentrate designing and creating the gowns while I look after our brides.

Vania-Couture aspirations are to be working with more designers with different styles to give you a variety of exceptional garments. We want to continue to listen to you more and help to make you the wedding dress of your dreams .

We want to offer more than a product and service. We want to help you finding a perfect dress for your special occasion and more than anything we want you to remember this experience as being incredible for the rest of your life. Our consultations will allow us to understand your desires, dreams when it comes to your dream dress…

This experience has been and will continue to be an emotional journey with every client, as we get the wonderful opportunity of contributing to make you an even more special bride.

So if you are getting married in 2015, give us a ring, we can come over to you (at your convenience) or you can come and see us and we will have a chat and understand how we can contribute to deliver your dream dress.

Vania Alves x “

We hope you will enjoy seeing the collection and should you like to get in touch with Vania – please visit their listing

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