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Meet Steven Brooks | Norfolk Wedding Photographer

by:   on: 30th June 2014

A wedding is the most significant day of two people’s lives. The perfect snapshot of their story together, the beginning of a whole new chapter. Why risk letting these memories fade? On this day every tiny detail is a precious gem, one you don’t want to gamble with. You need a photographer who can tell your story the way it deserves to be told.

Meet Steven Brooks – the Norfolk Wedding Photographer.

“I’m Steven Brooks and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer. A big part of my job is building a relaxed, personable relationship with the people I work alongside so, in that spirit, I thought I’d share a bit about myself.

I’m from Norfolk and although I’ve had the good luck to travel and live all over continental Europe and beyond, home is where the heart is. To that end I’ve moved back to be close to my family, something that’s incredibly important to me. I grew up part of a big family so I appreciate the simple joy of spending time with those close to you. Being able to be there at the birth of a whole new family is one of the great pleasures of my work.

Creative experience has been extensive. I have a strong background in the film industry so I know the value of having the right tools for the job as well as the necessary skills to use them. While the time spent learning my craft was invaluable, expertise will only get you so far without the drive to apply it. Spending some time among the Bushmen of Namibia in 2007 gave me a whole new outlook on what it is to be human.

No matter where you’re from or who you are, your life has meaning and value. It’s a story just waiting to be told by the right person. It was then that I decided I needed to turn pro and develop myself through my art, putting my passion at the service of others.

People inspire me. I’ve always been an outgoing sort and I take inspiration from those I spend time with. In particular I love exploring the interaction between people and their environments, between subject and location. Architecture, landscape and the heritage behind them are great passions of mine and I count myself fortunate to work in Norfolk which has an abundance of all three.

My style of photography can best be summed up as contemporary, romantic documentary. I consider myself a storyteller, a journalist of sorts whose task it is to capture the poetic essence of your real-life fairy tale. This documentary, reportage approach to wedding photography lets me get in amongst things and find the true romance behind every special moment.

A great story is timeless, not subject to whims and fads. I capture that classic feel from the outset by establishing a great rapport with the happy couple. By getting to know what makes them and their relationship tick, I can capture their special day in the most natural, honest terms.

This personal approach to my work has led me to a wealth of different experiences, I love diversity. The fact that no two weddings are the same keeps me on my toes and drives me to learn more about the momentous events I cover.

I’ve been there for the vibrant explosions of colour and sound that are Hindu weddings. I’ve been privileged to capture the joyous traditions of Jewish weddings. My work has taken me to stunning venues like Hampton Court Palace and Kew Gardens. Surrounding myself with the variety and majesty of these settings can be humbling but it’s a truly enriching experience which I wouldn’t change for the world.

Capturing people of many cultures at their happiest and most unified is a deep honour, one which gives you the most positive and hopeful perspective on society. We’re at our best when we come together and the chance to preserve these happy moments forever is something I can’t help but cherish every time.”

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