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LITHA | Midsummer at Bylaugh Hall

by:   on: 16th July 2018
LITHA17 | Midsummer at Bylaugh Hall, Norfolk. Bohemian floral retreat. Photo: Taylor & Porter

LITHA17 | Midsummer at Bylaugh Hall, Norfolk. Bohemian floral retreat. Photo: Taylor & Porter

Right, so if you are a HUGE on wild bohemian wedding flowers and floral displays, you will find this post filled with gorgeousness and  inspiration. LITHA is an annual four day retreat / floral workshop held at the stunning Bylaugh Hall in the heart of Norfolk and led by  Jo Flowers ( a sensational florist, who also happened to do our wedding flowers, lucky us!) and Hart Floral, with Styling and Planning support from Susie at Knot & Pop.

Read on about the project in their own words from both creatives and let me know your thoughts.

LITHA17 | Midsummer at Bylaugh Hall, Norfolk. Bohemian floral retreat. Photo: Taylor & Porter

LITHA17 | Midsummer at Bylaugh Hall, Norfolk. Bohemian floral retreat. Photo: Taylor & Porter

LITHA17 | Midsummer at Bylaugh Hall, Norfolk. Bohemian floral retreat. Photo: Taylor & Porter

LITHA17 | Midsummer at Bylaugh Hall, Norfolk. Bohemian floral retreat. Photo: Taylor & Porter

Now, over to Jo Flowers and Hart Floral … 

Litha is a celebration of mid summer. Traditionally centered upon the summer solstice, it has been a point where people have gathered for thousands of years to feast and bask in the beauty of summer at it’s peak.

The class Madison and I (Jo) created is a reflection of that. A combination of two unique approaches to floral design that compliment and reflect each other.

Centering around locally grown British flowers sourced from gardens across England and handmade ceramics by local artisan Paige Mitchell against the back drop of the Historic Bylaugh Hall, Litha is really about celebrating England at its highest point  seasonally and creatively.

We kicked off our 4 day Midsummer class with a welcome supper for our attendees, Situated in the Brick Room at Bylaugh Hall – This would be home to our classes over the next few days.

The days were spent teaching and guiding our attendees through floral designs from our colour palette for each day that reflected our evening suppers, which were all styled separately.

We wanted the Welcome Supper flowers to mirror that of the English Midsummer countryside, swaying grasses, sun drenched flowers and seed pods all growing seamlessly from the bricks, as if these had grown there naturally. The windowless room allowed a cool summer breeze to flow around the room adding natural movement through our designs. It was perfect.

Thoughts from Susie from Knot & Pop 

‘With the venue in the midst of being restored to its former glory, I wanted the Welcome Supper to set the scene and to tell the story of the surrounds.

From the grand entrance with large urn arrangements and reclaimed orbs placed surreally on steps, the Welcome Supper further cemented the history of the venue and the regrowth it is going through.

Taking restoration as inspiration, for the dinner I therefore used doors as the table tops, found with Jo Flowers at a local Norfolk Reclamation Yard. A palette was established for the Monday supper that pulled in the green of the Plaster Room with knowing the doors would be open and the colour link through. Shades of yellow, brick brown, weathered whites, and creams sat against plenty of texture with reclaimed tiles acting as table mats, bricks becoming centre-pieces and the beautifully crafted ceramics of Kana London playing perfectly to the setting.

The room was styled with abstract feature props – old doors, with section of arches, chimney stacks and oddities that added to the story-telling of the venue in renovation period.

With guests coming from all over the world and meeting one another for the first time, welcome button-holes with their name were placed on place settings and worn through the Welcome Supper.

The Brick Room played host to the workshops so it was lovely to welcome guests in the space that would become their creative haven for the coming days.

Continuing through to the Tuesday, the dinner took place in the Marble Hall. As guests had their tutorials in the Brick Room that day, we set up and styled the dinner in the Marble Hall, placing the arrangements on the table that the guests had made that day – a lovely way to round off the day’s lesson and for guests to celebrate their creations.

Inspiration for the Tuesday dinner came once again from the building surrounds. Luxe-ing it up, yet still wanting to give that sense of restoration, we painted tablecloths in rough brush-strokes and opted for a palette of soft pinks, creams, old rose and white to tie to the setting, with brass brought in as the highlight metallic to echo the features of the room. Gorgeous menu packs where designed by The Little North Sea Studio with paper and tracing paper layered to add to the textural nature of the tablescape. A foliage cloud cascaded down from the balcony above so guests felt fully immersed in the flowery world of Litha.

The Last Supper on Midsummer’s Day was all about dining outdoors to enjoy the long day-light. With reclaimed oak slabs forming the table tops, I focussed on natural elements to style this final get together. Wooden candlesticks, and mis-match wooden and bone handle cutlery mixed with hand-turned ceramics by GX Design and caged lanterns for added twinkle come sun-set. The palette moved on through rustic browns, scales of grey, black and chalky white with old rose bridging over from the Tuesday dinner, so the palettes across all three days sat beautifully together.’

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