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How to Nail the Confetti Shot

by:   on: 13th August 2018
WEDDING PLANNING TIPS: How to Nail the Confetti Shot. Photo by Georgia Rachael Photography

WEDDING PLANNING TIPS: How to Nail the Confetti Shot. Photo by Georgia Rachael Photography

Today’s post is all about nailing the perfect confetti shot on your wedding day. As you may have noticed, we like them (A LOT) and share it in most of our wedding features. It is an absolute must-have, yet it can be tricky to get it right (after all, you have stuff thrown at your face while you’re supposed to smile and look happy!).

So we spoke to charming Georgia from Georgia Rachael Photography who shared her best tips on getting that perfect confetti shot.

Keep your heads up!

Rest assured, there’s nothing intimidating about confetti. It won’t sting your eyes, it might get in your mouth, but it definitely won’t poison you! It always confuses me when the Bride and/or Groom’s initial reaction is to make their way through the confetti line with their heads down, and quickly! If you want to nail that confetti shot, embrace the silly faces you’re going to pull and keep your head up.

Now I don’t mean you should rigidly walk through the line as if you’re carrying a book on your head. No, no. It just looks better when the photographer isn’t capturing the top of your heads, is all. So look at your guests, smile at them, smile at each other (most importantly) and enjoy the confetti showering in all its glory.


Supply plenty of it!

In order for your photographer to get a colourful confetti photo, you’ll want to supply it to your guests in abundance. It’s a bit dated for your guests to bring their own nowadays, I don’t see it happening very often, so be prepared with a handful for each guest.

Of course, you can get different types of confetti, too. Biodegradable is increasingly popular because it’s better for the environment! But you can also get glitter confetti, which sparkles beautifully in the sunlight, as well as dried petals. You needn’t ‘do your research’ before buying, but just be aware that there are options.


Mix it up a bit!

You don’t have to do the standard, hand-in-hand, side-by-side walkthrough during your confetti shot. Why not mix it up a bit? Do something different! You could dance your way through the line, have a piggyback or be fireman carried, or even have a sack race to the end.

The limit is only your imagination with these shots. They don’t have to be predictable or cliché. Mix it up a bit and have some fun with it.


Strike a pose!

When you get to the end of the line, don’t be afraid to strike a bit of a pose. It doesn’t have to be anything cheesy. You could just kiss one another – or you could be a bit more extra and punch the air with pure excitement. Doing this just adds another dimension to your confetti line, and it’ll almost definitely equate to a winning shot for your photographer.


Can’t use confetti? Try an alternative…

Not all venues will grant you permission to execute lovely confetti shot, so if your venue is one of those that don’t allow it, there are so many alternatives to consider. For example, you could get a bubble machine and give a handful of your guests their own bottle of bubbles to blow for you. This doesn’t always look great on camera, but when it does work, I think it looks ace!

If you’re both party animals, and you’ve got a few bob to spare, pop a couple of bottles of champagne as if you’ve just won the Grand Prix. I wouldn’t advise doing this with loose cannon guests though, or children!

Lastly, there’s always the sparkler shot. It’s a bit of a tricky one to execute well, so always make sure your photographer knows how to do this shot properly. Supply your guests with the “long” sparklers, not the “short” ones. And always aim for dusk, rather than pitch black. The lighting is just that bit more to add a slightly better quality to your photos, plus your guests might still be sober enough not to make a mess of it.”

WEDDING PLANNING TIPS: How to Nail the Confetti Shot. Photo by Georgia Rachael Photography

WEDDING PLANNING TIPS: How to Nail the Confetti Shot. Photo by Georgia Rachael Photography

If you are already married, we’d LOVE to see your confetti shots so please do tag (and follow) us on Instagram and use #norfolkbrides. You can also find Georgia on Insta too ( HERE) so go on, give her a follow!

If you are still planning your wedding we hope that you found these tips helpful!

Signing off for today, with big thanks to Georgia Rachel Photography for her contribution!

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