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Getting Thrifty – Vintage Wedding Dresses for a Modern Bride

by:   on: 18th March 2018
Karen James Welton AKA Fabulous Miss K. Photo by Kerry Curl.

Karen James Welton AKA Fabulous Miss K. Photo by Kerry Curl.

Hello, My name is Karen James Welton aka a Fabulous Miss K.

As a fashion stylist I have had a passion for all things vintage from my teens, when I coveted the designer pieces from the pages of Vogue. Because as they were totally out of my price range, I sought alternative versions from vintage and charity shops, which I followed through with even for my wedding, which was a very understated affair. It was a truly vintage inspired celebration and it did have several vintage elements – from china teacups and glass wear to my mums wedding shoes and a few other touches.


Personally, I have an eccentric style and absolutely love adding colour, patterns, shapes and textures. I like to fun with clothing, and those who knows me, will agree, that my wardrobe reflects my personality to a T.


All these years later, I am still in love with all things vintage and I now run a vintage styling and sourcing service, which now also includes finding the perfect wedding dress for you and vintage gowns for your bridal party.

Vintage clothing is having a bit of a moment – with vintage shops on every corner, websites selling “old” stuff worldwide. A few years ago it was the likes of students and those into an alternative lifestyle that were buying it, but nowadays thrift shops and buying authentic vintage clothing is the done thing.

Programmes, such as Sex and The City inspired the fashion icons like Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and other fashionistas to wear more vintage so they can stand out and be truly unique. Some years ago, charity shops used to be where old clothes once went to die, and now they are becoming the new shopping destination.

Vintage inspired stylishly curated weddings are on the up. Second hand dresses are all the rage – even Carrie Bradshaw married Mr. Big in a vintage suit styled up, of course with a pair of bright blue Manlolos! TV show, or not, these programmes inspired many women to get more creative when it comes to fashion and styling. Particularly, if they can save some serious pennies and find ‘one off’s’.

There are may ways to add a touch of vintage to your wedding – you can do the full on era based event with period accuracy with you guests wearing original pieces just like stepping back in time, or you can take a one off vintage dress but wear it with a modern, even edgy twist.

So why wear vintage on your wedding day?


Besides the fact that it is a personal preference, wearing vintage is an excellent way to make your wedding dress completely unique to you, that no other bride will have ( other than the original one, of course!). You will have done your “something old” and will be wearing a little bit of history too.

Think how fabulous it would be to wear a one of a kind dress! Vintage items are all about attention to detail and it is those little things that make it extra special. The quality of the fabric with vintage dresses is far superior to some of the modern equivalent, and even if you do find similar quality material – you will be paying a small fortune.

I love the idea of stylish, alternative weddings, that don’t cost the earth. Buying a true vintage wedding dress is fabulous for the environment and ultimately it stems not only to your budget, but sustainable shopping.

Whether you are looking for a full on period look or just looking at ways to add a touch of vintage to your wedding day, I will be sharing some of my wisdom pearls and you tips on styling your look. I will share advice on buying and styling your wedding around the period / era of your choice, so keen an eye out for my next post coming very soon.



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Karen James Welton

Karen James Welton aka Fabulous Miss K is a fashion stylist with over 25 years in the industry. Karen has a passion for vintage and actively encourages wearing vintage, as part of your everyday wardrobe and therefore, with her wedding services she loves to dress her brides in one of a kind vintage dresses.

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