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Festival Wedding // Kirsty & Luke

by:   on: 6th June 2016

Festival Wedding in Norfolk // Keeper and the dell // Norfolk Brides.

We featured this beautiful wedding in our second issue of Norfolk Brides Magazine and had so many comments about how fabulous this wedding was; therefore I decided to share some more gorgeous details and inspiration with you free-spirited cool brides.

Kirsty and Luke’s festival-styled day was the ultimate in laid-back weddings. Their love for the outdoors, music, friends and fun naturally led them to the theme, which involved no seating plan, no set time for food or speeches, a friend to “marry” them, and a boho dress to die for!

The Proposal

“We were on holiday in Egypt when Luke popped the question on our balcony which has been covered with rose petals, overlooking a beautiful sunset with champagne on ice.  Luke came prepared with a temporary ring belonging to my great grandmother which has been handed down through the family until I could choose one of my own.”

Wedding Planning

“Planning started as soon as we returned from our holiday in November.  However, in December,we discovered we were expecting our first child!!  So inevitably we had to decide whether to go ahead as soon as possible, or wait until after the baby’s arrival. In the end,we all agreed to wait.  I had every intention of starting the planning as soon as Evie was born, but I very quickly realised what a naive scenario that was! The harsh reality of being a new mum was my immediate focus.  So, it was only  a year later that I was ready to get back to planning our big day again!”

“The venue was booked a year in advance and we knew the moment we saw it that it was the venue for us.  We knew from the start that we didn’t want a traditional wedding ceremony and our love for the outdoors, music, friends and fun, naturally led us to a festival styled wedding.  Because the vision of our big day was so perfect in my head I found it very difficult to delegate.  That being said, once I had made some key decisions and sourced everything  I needed, I felt happier to get my mum and Best Girls on board … eek, control freak …  me???”

Wedding Theme

“For both of us, there was no compromising on the theme.  It simply had to be festival themed!!  We really wanted to exchange vows outside, and for it to just be a really relaxed, fun day with all our friends.  We had no seating plan, no set time for food, just the wonderful mobile Laughing Stock serving food day and night.  There was no set time for speeches, just whenever the boys were ready!  We had two bands performing during the afternoon and a DJ  banging some tunes in the evening.  There was a free bar but we did ask friends to bring a bottle of their favorite tipple if they wished.  A friend did some grown up glitter face painting and I brought loads of uber cool gold flash tattoos – everyone looked fantastic!  We even had some festival lanyards made up and every guest was given one upon arrival which had a ‘line up’  of music and food and games etc on it.  The tug of war was amazing !  Working the theme into the day was made so much easier after we found the venue.  The Keeper and the Dell is such an incredible outdoor wedding venue that it really lends itself to pulling off a great festival, the setting is just beautiful. ”

The Dress

“The Dress – wow! That was harder than I thought it would be.

I was looking for something to fit the theme, so boho bride was my ‘mantra’ for the dress shopping experience.  It was a bit tricky as most of the dresses we saw were in no way boho!  The closest things were in the beach bride sections but still not right – too slinky and silky.  Just as I was about to make some appointments in London, I found the ‘Perfect Dress’ at La Creme in Norwich.  The dress was perfect and it also fitted our wedding theme!  My gorgeous gown was called ‘The Heidi’, a Love Marley by Watters.  Beautiful vintage lace, long bell sleeves and a gypsy hem – it’s totally gorgeous and I loved it!  Also, the flower crown finished it off beautifully – wearing the complete outfit felt somewhere between ‘Woodstock Raver’ and ‘Maid Marion’. ”

The Wedding Day

“I didn’t know how, but somehow I was completely chilled on the morning of the wedding even though it was sheeting it down outside.  Normally the thought of having an outdoor wedding in the rain would be enough to turn even the hardiest bride into a hysterical crazy person, but I seemed to just trust it would all be OK.  I’m really quite impressed with myself!

The morning flew by and before I knew it I was having my make-up done and getting into my Dress!!  Our photographer, Beth, was there most of the morning and just before we left the house THE SUN CAME OUT.  Phew!! I should probably mention at this point that Luke and I had been officially married at the Norwich Registry Office the day before with just our parents and siblings present.  I wore a very simple white dress from H & M and we walked across to the Georgian Town House for a casual supper afterwards.  This meant we could have a really relaxed ceremony on the Saturday.  We asked a good friend of ours to ‘marry’ us.  We got together one night a few months before the wedding with him and his wife and between us wrote the entire Ceremony.  We wanted to do something really different and I think we achieved it.  The Ceremony was personal, funny and a bit rude (!!)  in places. Namely one of the readings ‘Life in Reverse’ by Woody Allen – check it out!

The other reading was ‘The Porcupine’ by Roald Dhal, my favourite poem as a child.  I wasn’t nervous at all.  My dad and I walked down into the dell behind my Best Girls, to Luke, where we made some promises to each other in front of all the people we love the most in the world, in one of the most beautiful and magical places in the world!  It really was PERFECT.

After that, there was just one BIG party. We ate, we drank and we just enjoyed and soaked up the atmosphere.

There were a few overnight campers, and Luke and I also camped, though we had a wonderful Bell Tent complete with carpets, lamps and a four poster bed!!

It’s a clich I know, but it really was the best day of our lives!! ”



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  • WEDDING DRESS:: La Creme Brides
  • WEDDING VENUE: The Keeper and the Dell
  • WEDDING DRESS: Love Marley by Watters
  • DRESS SUPPLIER: La Creme, Norwich
  • BRIDE AND BRIDESMAID'S FLOWERS: Sweetpeas supplied that morning by friends and family
  • CATERING: The Laughing Stock
  • ENTERTAINMENT: The Miserable Man, The Lovin’ Handful, DJ Poindexter
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Beth Moseley Photography
  • WEDDING VIDEO: Kieran Harrington-Ball, Vintage Video
  • HAIR: Done by the Bride with flower crown created by Libby Ferris
  • MAKE UP: Jade Fitt
  • GROOMSWEAR: Next (buttonholes created by Libby Ferris)
  • STATIONERY: Best friend, Laura Harper, Freelance Designer
  • BELL TENT: Magical Camping

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