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THE BRIDE DIARIES: Engaged Until Further Notice

by:   on: 8th March 2018

So Jason and I don’t seem to like to stick to the conventional rules of normal family life.

In the beginning, everything happened pretty quickly. We moved into our first place after six months, I fell pregnant three months after that… had a baby. Jason proposed two months after that. We managed to thrust about six years worth of relationship stages into less than two. But as people say; when you know, you know.

We originally planned for the wedding to be this summer but we never really considered that we needed to move at some point. Our gorgeous one-bed flat minutes away from Jason’s cafe seemed to be shrinking by the day and we knew a move to a bigger house was required. So at the end of last year, we gave an emotional goodbye to our baby’s first home and moved into a cosy little 3-bed terrace snug in the Golden Triangle and put the wedding plans on hold.

After all those initial whirlwind life events and now we are in a new, permanent home, I feel we have permission to slow down. We have everything in place and now we need to finally let the dust settle.

We have stopped to smell the flowers… although we need to clear the garden first before we can really do that. Right now our priorities lie in making a home and watching our little baby grow into a little boy.

I’d love to be able to dish out 6 grand tomorrow and have a lovely wedding with all the trimmings but if we want to have the wedding in our mind’s eye then we will have to be patient.

And guess what?

That’s fine!

There’s no deadline or any other reason for us to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. To me having a home to enjoy (and the occasional holiday) is top of my list of things that make me happy. When our wedding does eventually happen it will be the cherry on the top of a very contented cake.

Saying that there’s no reason why I can’t dabble in wedding ideas and buy things here and there. In fact, writing this very blog is helping me keep a certain amount of focus on it and it keeps the dream alive for me!

Let’s just say The Dunn Hood Wedding is postponed indefinitely.


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