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DIY WEDDING: Pro’s & Con’s

by:   on: 20th September 2016

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DIY weddings are SO in right now. There are many couples who are attempting to do the whole thing from scratch and some, just add a few small touches and details to make it feel more personal.

It may look fairly easy and straight forward, to pull off right?

Read on to find out about the Pro’s and Con’s of planning a DIY Wedding straight from our real-life bride Bonnie!

Meet Bonnie – the DIY Bride

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Bonnie is a manager at the Adnams Cellar & Kitchen in  Norwich and is a huge DIY enthusiast. On a daily basis, she meets many couples who plan their DIY weddings and are looking for the best wine, champagne or beer to suit the occasion ( for those truly festival and country weddings).

When it came to planning her own big day, Bonnie knew that a relaxed and fun picnic wedding was just what her and now hubby  had wanted and therefore, went down the DIY wedding route.


“The morning arrived, the skies were blue and the sun was shining. Thank goodness, after the torrential rainfall the day before. I had feared our Picnic themed wedding reception was going to take place inside instead of in the beautiful garden of our North Norfolk venue.

My husband (eeek) and I had spent 18 months planning, organising and creating our DIY wedding and to see the end result was an overwhelming feeling, we’d achieved something that at times seemed impossible but together with our awesome families and friends we pulled it off.”


If you’re thinking of doing your own DIY wedding here are a few Pro’s & Con’s to think about:

PRO’s of having a DIY Wedding 

Your day will be completely unique with both of your personalities shining through in all the delightful handmade details

You get much more control over the running of the day and the whole experience that your guests have

The memories you create in the run up with all of the crafting evenings and planning meetings are something to treasure forever

It’s a great opportunity to get your bridal party involved and ensure they all know each other before the big day

Your time and creativity can save you some pennies, be budget savvy by shopping around and making the most of second hand wedding sites and charity shops

Being able to incorporate some of the inspiring creations on Pinterest is really exciting and the satisfaction from it being hand made is a real boost

CON’s of having a DIY WEDDING

It’s a huge time commitment. You may feel as the wedding approaches that you need to forget a few ideas, make peace with that and remember non of your guests will miss them

Finding a venue that can accommodate your ideas may take a bit more searching and you may need to visit several times in the lead up to the event to make sure all aspects of the day and dcor will work

Chances are your venue may not have an events or wedding planner. You may need to be prepared to hire one or ask a huge favour of a well trusted friend or family member.

The amount of extra work needed by both the bride and groom can at times feel overwhelming

Don’t assume that your bridal party will be able to drop everything to help you with more wedding creations. Putting too much pressure on others can cause tension and ruin your wedding planning experience

There are a lot more details to take in to account like insurances and licences. Do your homework on what the venue is covered for, what your wedding insurance covers you for and whether you’ll need any alcohol or music licences. It takes time for such things to be arranged and you don’t want last minute disappointments

The most important thing really is to agree on a theme, work together, agree a budget and remember what the day is actually about…..your love for each other.

As you see, there are plenty of things to think about before committing for a DIY wedding and ultimately it is a he task to be taking on for one person. If you go down the road of having  DIY wedding, do make sure you get all the help that you can and do not put strain on yourself. If you find yourself struggling with the work load don’t be afraid to get professionals in – that is what they are there for! 🙂

You can see Bonnie + Toby’s wedding feature in the next issue of the Norfolk Brides Magazine out at our Oxnead Wedding On 23rd October (pre-register now)! Or read a full feature on our Blog.

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