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Cool Marriage Proposal Idea // Flashmob in Norwich

by:   on: 13th June 2015

flashmob proposal Norwich / Norfolk Brides engagement ideas

Images: Gentleman Photographer

Yesterday was an exciting day for Abbie who got proposed to by her now fianc Josh with a help of almost 100 dedicated members of the local choir. Read on for the full story and get some great tips from the organisers for your very own flashmob proposal. 


We spoke to Catherine Stafford of Invidia Voices, The Rock & Soul Choir who has organised the first ever flashmob proposal in Norwich. 

” The idea to do this came from myself and Matt &Alex Emmerson (the Invidia Voices founders). We were thinking of ways to do something special for our choir members who love performing and singing so we thought that we could create an experience that would be really memorable and life changing for everyone involved. The idea to do it as a marriage proposal was specifically Alex’s idea. She has worked in the wedding music industry and with brides- to-be for many years and knows how to create special experiences for them!

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It has taken around 2 months to plan this proposal. Catherine had to find the location, chose songs and practice with the choir. For their flashmob to take place they also needed to find a willing groom! The Choir ran a competition on their social media pages and they picked Josh, from Norwich to be their winner.

Josh proposed to his now fiancee Abbie in the Norwich City centre while the small selection of 20 choir performers quickly turned in to a 100 while singing Everlasting Love by Love Affair. As you may have guessed, Abbie said YES! She also later said that it was a big surprise and it was completely unexpected.

The proposal was brilliantly captured by Gentleman Photographer, Raymond Taylor who specialises in wedding, lifestyle and commercial photography in Norfolk.  Luckily, the Team Invidia thought of everything and got the flashmob proposal filmed as well so we can share it with you too!


So you want to surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with a flashmob proposal. For it to be a special event and a real surprise it takes quite a bit of time and thought so here are some tips to help you to get started. 

1. Decide what what type flashmob proposal you will do

There are many types of flashmob that you could perform. You could mime, sing or even try and break a world record during the flashmob. The freeze flashmob’s proven to be quite popular too. Whatever you decide to do – be original and creative, add your personal touch and meaning to the event. 

2. Get some inspiration // do your research

There is nothing wrong with getting some ideas and inspiration. Make Google search live up to it’s name and look up previous flashmob proposals. Pick some ideas and learn from mistakes others had made in the past. Youtube is also a great source of inspiration too.

3. Start Planning

Although it may come across as a bit of a chaos when watching it on a video ( depending on what you are doing) but actually it takes a lot of time and planning in making a successful flashmob. 

  • Consider the location your flashmob will be performed at and understand the restrictions of your chosen venue and how it may affect the general public. 
  • Check if there are any restrictions for using that venue. 
  • Get as many people to help you/ take part in your flashmob proposal, but be sure to keep it strictly confidential. If you don’t want your other half knowing the people taking part, consider using friend’s friends or see if there is a local company who could help you ( like Invidia Choir) 
  • Think about the logistics – where will everybody be when it starts and how will they be able to blend in to the crowd
  • Make sure you give clear instructions to everybody taking part
  • Rehearse if at all possible

4. Arrange for it to be filmed

Flashmob proposal does what it says on the tin – it comes and goes as a complete surprise. Both you and your partner will get lost in the cation and most likely will be overwhelmed with the mountain of feelings and emotions so some small details could slip. It would also be awesome if you could watch it again, once the initial shock is over. Having a video if your flashmob engagement would also give you a chance to share it with your loved ones and keep a copy to show your children in a future. 

5. Don’t forget the ring! 

With all that surprise planning & organising  you may forget or give a little bit less attention to your fianc-to-be engagement ring. Engagement ring is equally as important as the proposal itself so do give it some thought too. We have some great advice for engagement ring shopping but even if you are unable to get the ring of her/his dreams – you could always consider a small, temporary promise ring and chose THE ONE together at a later date.

Whatever you decide to do for your flashmob proposal, do enjoy yourself and have fun. Catherine of Invidia Voices would advise you to

…to plan plan plan! Don’t take anything for granted and account for every little detail and movement. Working with such a large group of people as we were, we had to manage it well so that they felt confident and prepared.That in turn created a magical and well delivered experience for Abbie (the bride to be!) and allowed Josh (the proposer!) to concentrate on what he was doing, without having to worry about everything else that was going on around him!

happy couple after a flash mob proposal in norwichInvidia voices choir flashmob proposal in norwich norfolk brides

We absolutely loved seeing this fanatic proposal in Norwich and should you decide to surprise your bride/groom -to-be please let us know! We would love to be involved, help or feature your story! 

Good luck & keep in touch! 


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