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Choosing Your Engagement Ring // 8 Helpful Tips

by:   on: 19th November 2014

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So you have decided to propose. You think up a dream scenario, easy! But then the panic sets in – you need to buy an engagement ring, but how, where, what and how much should you spend? Whether you have decided to surprise your partner or choose a ring together; read on.

Before you go out shopping you need only have two things in mind, what are you prepared to spend and what is your preferred stone and metal colour. Let the advisor help you with the rest. Here are the top tips in choosing your engagement ring by local jewellery experts Aurum Jewellers:

1. Choose an independent jeweller

Chances are they will have more experience and ensure you get the best quality possible for your money. By all means look for ideas online, but it is much better to purchase the ring itself from a jewellers. A ring is not like an electrical item, it does not come with a spec sheet: each one is unique and needs to be touched, held and admired!

2. Know your diamonds – ask questions!

Talking about diamonds is a jewellers favourite past time and something they do on a daily basis. They will not expect you to have any knowledge, will be in no hurry and can guide you through all your questions. Do ask about the cut, carat, colour and clarity known as the 4 Cs. It is the only way to compare diamond quality.

3. Proportion your wedding budget accordingly

Historically, a man spent two months’ salary on the engagement ring, but realistically it should come down to your own wedding budget. However, do be mindful of the fact that you can spend hundreds or even thousands on flowers, wedding favours, food etc., but it is the rings that are going to last forever and be a true investment.

4. Buy the best quality engagement ring you can afford 

It is far better to buy a smaller high quality diamond than, a big and brash one of low quality that you will live to regret. A good quality ring will stand the test of time. The better the colour, clarity and cut of the stone the higher the value.

5. Buy the ring that you like

Brilliant cut (round) and princess cut diamonds (square) are beautiful and still the most popular choice for engagement rings, but there is no reason to follow the crowd if it’s not what you like. There are some fabulous designers out there creating individual designs, one of our favourites is British designer maker Andrew Geoghegan. Do make sure you ask if you are looking for something more unusual there are plenty of options available and if you can’t find something you love consider getting a ring commissioned.

6. Consider designing your own engagement and wedding rings

If you can’t find what you are looking for consider having a ring commissioned. Most good independents will have a bespoke design service, but just remember to allow 6 – 8 weeks for this service. Aurum also specialises in using old family heirlooms and making them into modern day rings. Not only can this save you a great deal of money, but it means you can incorporate an item of great sentimental value into your choice of wedding or engagement ring.

7. Choose the metal you want

It is true that platinum is the most precious and durable of metals that will last the longest, however there are precious metals to suit all budgets. Palladium is a popular choice with similar properties to platinum as well as 9 or 18 carat white or yellow gold. Rose gold is also enjoying a renaissance at the moment and is becoming more popular than ever.

8. Allow yourself plenty of time

It is unlikely a jewellers will have the ring you like in stock in the exact size needed. If the ring presentation is to be surprise you can usually purchase the ring from stock and it can always be sized at a later date. If you want to get the size right first time, ideally select your ring at least 6 weeks before your proposal. Rings can usually be hand made to size in less than 4 weeks and often less if very urgent. However, far better to avoid unnecessary stress and plan in advance if you do have a set time frame!

Choosing an engagement ring should be fun and by following the guidelines above it can most certainly be a stress free and enjoyable experience. And the result? A beautiful piece of jewellery that will be adored and treasured forever.

Aurum Jewellers has an amazing 100 off all diamond engagement rings ordered by 31st December when you mention NORFOLK BRIDES! 

Do you have any other tips that you think may be helpful when choosing the perfect engagement ring? 

Let us know and comment below – we would love to hear from you!


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