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Brasted’s Wedding // Anna & Daniel

by:   on: 20th April 2015

Anna & Daniels story is so sweet – they had known each other since the age of four and went to middle and high-school together. Having moved away from Norwich years ago, Anna re-united with her first ever boyfriend two and a half years ago via Facebook! I knew there was a reason why we love it this social media beast!

Couples relationship progressed very quickly since Anna returned to Norwich and we get to see their lovely wedding at Brasted’s captured by Victoria & Rob of Dazed Photography. Read on for details and photos.


I was working on Christmas Eve and Daniel was constantly texting to see how my day was going and when did I think I could leave to come home. This is not normal behavior for him; I just put it down to Christmas excitement as we both love that time of year.”

“I was able to leave work just after lunch and called to let him know as he had asked. When I pulled up outside our house the curtains were shut, I couldn’t believe Daniel hadn’t opened them already, it had gone midday!

I got to the front door, stepped into the house and the dog didn’t jump on me. Praying that the dog wasn’t occupied chewing something he shouldn’t I turned around and noticed that our living room was covered (literally) in candles, The Rat Pack Christmas music was playing and then in walked Daniel looking very dashing and carrying two glasses of Champagne. Daniel is very romantic so I was delighted but I though he had just done something very lovely for me. “

“We sat down and I felt that he wasn’t really listening to anything I was saying, I put my drink down beside me, looked up and Daniel was down on one knee. The penny dropped… he was so nervous bless him but he need not have been as I was always going to say yes!

Daniel had arranged for some close friends to come round in the evening to celebrate with us… Christmas day was a little hazy after several glasses of Champagne!” 


The happy couple started planning their wedding shortly after new year and had it all sorted from scratch to finish in eight months! Now that is what we call a dedicated bride and groom who gets the job done!

Their first big job was to find a wedding venue. They chose Brasted’s wedding barn at Framingham Pigot: “Brasted’s was a very easy decision, the venue was a great size, the staff were all really friendly and it has a reputation for amazing food.” gushed Anna.

Then she continued: “I knew it was for us. The boutique style rooms in the lodge were perfect too. I stayed there the night before with my bridesmaids and the night of the wedding our parents, bridesmaids and best man stayed with us.”

Wedding dress shopping was a very exciting (and enjoyable!) process for Anna and the rest of the wedding details were sorted in just six weeks.

The most stressful and demanding part of the wedding planning the newlyweds the wedding invitations: “This was the most stressful part for us, wanting them to be visually exciting, have the right information on and not look like every other invitation you can get. “

Anna’s meticulous planning was paying off – since they sent out the wedding invitations in early May she even had a couple of months where there was nothing that had to be done. The final planning stage was making order of service with her two bridesmaids Lizzy and Sarah.

The couple didn’t have a set wedding theme – they wanted to have “traditional touches without feeling too stiff and formal, have great food, lots of Champagne and appreciate being in lovely countryside surroundings”.


“I smile every time I think about my dress” remembers Anna.

“I had seen it in La Crme window before Daniel had even proposed (I always have stopped and looked at their beautiful dresses when passing), I did go to two other bridal shops in Norwich before going to La Crme to have the full experience but for me the service in La Crme made me not want to go anywhere else.”

“I knew that I wanted a dress that was quite classic with a high neck and as soon as I tried my dress on I could not stop smiling.

It felt amazing and was different to many I had seen. It had a bigger train than I had set out to get, but once I had put it on I was not going to consider any other dress.”

Anna continued: “I got my shoes from, they matched the dress beautifully and were very classic. I opted for a veil with scattered pearls and satin edging; I loved my veil and would have worn it all evening if one of my bridesmaids hadn’t prompted me to take it out.

Every time I went into La Crme I felt like their only client, Lucy and Jill are brilliant at what they do, the whole experience with them was just wonderful.”  


“Make decisions with your other half, read reviews from people who have used the company you are thinking of booking (florist, DJ etc.) and enjoy it… you only get the chance to plan your wedding once.”

“Get people around you to help you, it is lovely to do things with people and halves the stress as after all no one can take a sabbatical to plan their wedding! Everyone offers their opinion which I did find stressful to start with through fear of getting it wrong but half way through planning I realised…it’s our day so the only judge of whether anything is right or wrong was us” opened up Anna


The couple had a company of 70 guests during the day with further 40 of friends and family joining their evening wedding celebrations.

Anna remembers her favorite moments from her wedding day:

“My favorite moment in the day was the speeches. My dad’s, Daniels and Tristan’s, our best man, were amazing. Everyone was roaring with laughter, then crying and then smiles all round. Even the Brasted’s team commented on how great and original they were.

I loved getting ready with my bridesmaids. I felt totally pampered and my dress just felt so amazing to put on. The bridesmaids left in the wedding car first so I had time for a glass of champagne with my Dad. I strangely didn’t feel nervous at all, only excited to see everyone together and enjoy the day with Daniel and our family and friends.

“The church was simply perfect”: continued Anna. “Once decorated with flowers at the end of each aisle and candles on the window ledge and filled with loved ones it was everything you would have wanted from a picturesque country church.

The ceremony was very personal as we had got to know the Vicar well on the lead up to our big day.

During the drinks reception Lawrence Brooks played and was amazing, we thought so and so did our guests. I felt that sometimes that part of the wedding day can lack energy and needs music.

The food at Brasted’s far exceeded our expectations, every course was beautifully presented and super tasty…I just wish I had been hungrier; the excitement of the day completely ruined my appetite.”


Here are some things to consider when thinking about your wedding day timings. Anna and Daniel would advise to “take time to stop and appreciate that everyone you love is there” I must say – I have to agree with the couple – the wedding day does tend to go very quickly and a short moment to take a step back and absorb the energy & vibe.

The newlyweds also suggests to spend some time alone and away from the main party: “The church was less than a mile from Brasted’s so our driver offered to take us for a short drive to spend some time together. This was a lovely idea and a precious moment for us as every other time we were together during the day we were with people”.

And finally, very similar sentiment to what many other couples have previously suggested: “Don’t worry about the small details, by the time the day comes there is nothing that you can do and let everyone else worry about it.”

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