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Bluebell Wood Bride

by:   on: 11th May 2016

When I first saw images from this shoot on Janie’s Facebook page, I knew it was something I really wanted to share with our readers.

I found the colours, the context and the composition of images so rich and so inspiring. I really could see how it could work for bridal shoot for an alternative bride, or even better – a creative and a little moody,  seductive  session to get the best  wedding present for the hubby to be.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you will too! Let us know what you think!

When I asked Janie (Mrs Phat) of what inspired her to do this shoot, she said:

“I’m normally shooting weddings with my darling husband David, but on this occasion I’m going out alone. I am quite a quirky creative person and with my hairdressing background, I love getting an idea and seeing where that takes me?

David (Mr Phat) and I were at a wedding fair, whilst walking around admiring all the loveliness on show, I spotted a Blue Velvet Cape on one of the stands. It was made by Kathryn Potter of Love Couture, I chatted to her and said how much I loved it and would like to photograph it!  So this was the first piece to start to the idea.

I’m a bit of a romantic and love a story, so one day walking in the woods with my dog, I found myself imagining a woodland bride dressed in the blue cape, in a magical wood carpeted in bluebells.

Life happens and 2 years passed and every year I saw the bluebells out, I longed to put my ideas into reality. So I started to plan the whimsical-magical-etheral-enchanting and beautiful shoot on Pinterest. I asked people I knew well to collaborate with me for this, and together and I couldn’t have had a better team of creatives to help me with my first solo shoot.

When the day of the shoot arrived It was raining, but I decided to have faith the rain would stop and go ahead. Everyone arrived at the cottage and we all set to work: Chloe getting hair and makeup done on Harriet, Louise sorting out the clothes, and me franticly finishing off the flowers. Once Harriet had been transformed we all jumped in the car and set off to the wood. ” 

She then continued:

“We made a pop up wardrobe from the branches and Lou dressed Harriet in a beautiful fitted blue crushed velvet long dress, then covered with the Blue Cape… The rain had stopped and Harriet was ready.  The woods looked perfect. Everyone helped; Harriet was amazing and very patient, while Rekha set off the smoke pellets to set the atmosphere. Even the sun has made an appearance in the end! 

When I sat down that evening and looked through the images I was so pleased the colour clash, it was better than I had imagined … and just to think it all started with the Blue cape.” 

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  • PHOTOS: Janie at Bigphatphotos
  • MODEL: Harriet Howard
  • STYLING: Louise Lace
  • DRESS & CAPE: Love Couture UK
  • HAIR & MAKE UP: Chloe Winslade
  • BTS & HESLP: Rekha Garton
  • LOCATION: The woods at Attlebridge

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