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Behind the scenes of the 1st issue of Norfolk Brides magazine

by:   on: 29th August 2015

Norfolk Brides Wedding Magazine

It has been nearly a year since the first issue of our gorgeous FREE Norfolk Brides wedding magazine has hit our local wedding shows, wedding shops & wedding venues. With our second magazine issue about to go to print, I can hardly believe that less than 12 months ago I had a change of heart and decided to have a photo shoot for our cover at a last minute! And I could not have done it without the help of some of the best peeps ….

The Free Wedding Magazine Idea

I have been toying with the idea of a good quality, modern and inspiring wedding magazine for our brides to be for some time now. It was evident that there wasn’t a good quality, inspiring publications that wasn’t overfilled with adverts or available for FREE.

Weddings are expensive. Full stop. So why isn’t there something out there that could help brides plan their wedding day that they don’t need to pay for?

I had SO many ideas that I wanted to share with our couples and I personally, always loved picking up a printed mag, flick though it and come back to the bits that interested me. It seemed that every time I would pick up a magazine, I would find something new and unique that I hadn’t noticed it before.

I did LOTS of research, spent plenty of evenings thinking it through and wondering if I can pull it of ( it is not an easy task, you know). Eventually I come to realise that if I will not do it now – I will regret it and will be kicking myself later…. So, I went for it.

I have indeed thrown myself into the unknown and spent countless sleepless nights in the office working through editorials, real wedding submissions, liaising with wedding experts and designers. There were several nights where our designer Sophie from Just Regional would email me at 1am to ask about something that she needed and we would have a full blown design led conversation in the middle of the night. 

Oh those were the days ( nights!)…. I now remember them fondly, and perhaps, with a little apprehension too as I we are approaching the 2nd issue print deadline and there is still SO much that needs to be done. I have a very good idea of what will be happening in the forthcoming weeks, but I also know that the hard work will be worth it! 

Last Minute Changes

I want sure if I wanted to have a dedicated cover shoot for the wedding magazine as I was not only running out of time, bit wasn’t sure how I wanted the magazine to look.

With only weeks to go before we had to go to print, I have messaged Emily of Love Moi Make Up to see if she would be up for working with me on our wedding mag cover shoot. Not only because she is AMAZING at her job (she did my wedding make up too), but because this girl is so well connected! Oh boy, she was hands on – in one evening we sorted everything from wedding flowers with Jo Flowers, our models Hilary & Anna, hairdressers Laura Hughes and Laura Howard and wedding dresses from Love Couture and La Crme in Norwich.

Joe from Joe Black Photography has agreed to take on a challenge of getting images ready in time and so we had the whole team lined up in a matter of a day!

Norfolk Brides Wedding Magazine prep shootNorfolk Brides Wedding Magazine  Studio Norfolk Brides Wedding Magazine photoshoot creative

The Cover Shoot

We had an absolute blast and before I go on about how it went – I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU (again) to those involved….

Having arrived first thing with loads of coffee I was uber nervous, but as soon as I met both Hilary & Anna ( our models for the day) I instantly knew we will be getting some amazing photos. I and I wasn’t wrong!

When Jo brought the bridal bouquet I couldn’t be happier it was exactly what I was after and so gorgeous! I am sorry the image I got on my phone is a bit rubbish, but I absolutely loved it!

There were several outfit changes, make up & hair do corrections along with coffee and more coffee! Both Laura’s did wonderful job with Hilary & Anna’s hair – again – very much to the specification and Emily’s make up was spot on for each look we wanted to achieve.

We were very lucky to have had some gorgeous hair pieces from Samantha Walden and Melissa Morgan which really helped to enhanced the desired bridal looks.

Bellow is our chosen image for the 1st Issue of Norfolk Brides Magazine! I love it so much – I hope you do too! 

Norfolk Brides Magazine  Cover // Norfolk Brides Joe Black Photography

Image: Joe Black Photography

Norfolk Brides Wedding Magazine 2015

Image: Darina Stoda of DS Photography

Here are a few other favourites from the cover shoot, with big thanks to our team – it would not have happened without you – you’re all amazing… Hilary & Anna – you are both absolutely stunning! Wow. 

Norfolk Brides Magazine cover photoshoot, Norwich Norfolk Brides Magazine cover photoshoot, Norwich Norfolk Brides Magazine cover photoshoot, Norwich Norfolk Brides Magazine cover photoshoot, Norwich Norfolk Brides Magazine cover photoshoot, Norwich Norfolk Brides Magazine cover photoshoot, Norwich Norfolk Brides Magazine cover photoshoot, Norwich Norfolk Brides Magazine cover photoshoot, Norwich Norfolk Brides Magazine cover photoshoot, Norwich

I was keep waiting for the right time to post these images, and I may have waited a little too long – but better later than never – the hard work and the stunning results had to be seen by everyone! 

There are a few copies of our 1st magazine issue still available, so if you haven’t got your copy yet –  do order one before the 2nd edition is out in October at #TheOxneadWeddingShow

Lots of love, 

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