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Bartles Lodge Wedding // Elizabeth + Harley

by:   on: 6th January 2017

It is about the time we start thinking about the beautiful summer days and get back in to the full swing of wedding planning. We love the English country feel that Elizabeth and Harley had created for their big day.

Read on to find out some more details about this fab Norfolk Wedding; list of suppliers Elizabeth & Harley used; and of course, the beautiful images takenb by Bigphatphotos, which, we hope will get the creative wedding planning juices flowing.


I was living with my parents at the time in Elsing and I was working at the local pub – The Mermaid Inn whilst studying at University. Harley was a local lad, living in the neighboring village of Lyng, and he used to frequent The Mermaid Inn as he was part of the pool team. It was at the pub that we first met and with some encouragement from his friend Ali (one of his Ushers) he asked me out via Facebook. After some persistence I eventually said yes and our first date was at the cinema to watch Kick Ass. Despite him being late and eating all of the sweets that I had brought for the cinema, we went out again and we have been together now for 6 years.

The Proposal

Harley popped the question at The Victoria Inn at Holkham. He had planned for us to go for a walk on Holkham beach followed by a meal at The Victoria Inn and he was going to propose on the beach. However, as is the typical English weather, it was raining, and as such we went straight for the meal.

Harley had pre-ordered champagne and it was brought out once we had sat down as they were obviously unaware that he hadn’t already proposed by this stage. Once the champagne was brought out I became suspicious and started asking questions. As such, Harley was quick to present me with the box. As I opened it he asked if I would marry him and of course I said yes. There were a few tears from me at this point!

Unbeknown to me Harley had also arranged a surprise engagement party for later that night at his local pub, The Fox in Lyng. I thought I was going out with his Mum and Aunty, but they tricked me into stopping at The Fox for a quick drink. When I entered, one by one I saw my family and friends but it still took me a couple of seconds to work out was going on.  I was very surprised and had no idea at all. Harley is usually not very good at keeping secrets so he organised this really well.

The Wedding Planning

We got engaged in May 2014 and the wedding was in August 2015. We began planning about a year before the wedding. We knew that we wanted our wedding to be relaxed with the emphasis on the celebration of the marriage but we did want to keep some of the more traditional aspects of a wedding. I took the lead in organising things myself though I ensured Harley agreed. He was happy to take a back seat and I think he realised quite early on to just say yes to whatever I said!!

We knew that we wanted to have the reception at my parents home in Elsing, as they are very fortunate to own Bartles Lodge Bed and Breakfast and Fishery, which is an amazing setting with lakes and loads of willow trees. Also, conveniently it is situated opposite the Church so not far for me to walk on the day. This was very straight forward to arrange – a quick phone call to my parents and all was sorted!

I then wanted to ensure the main parts of the wedding were booked early on. Luckily, from my experience of attending family and friends weddings I already had an idea of which photographers, florists and marquee company I wanted to go with so again, this was very straightforward to arrange.


We wanted our wedding to be natural and have an English country feel. As such we used timber and jam jars as decorations and our stationary was made of craft card. With the emphasis of the wedding being on the celebration, we wanted the wedding to be bright and colourful and we loved the idea of red as the primary colour.

The Big Day – Your Favorite Moments 

We asked both Elizabeth and Harley to chose their favorite special moment of their wedding day.

For Harley it was:

“My favourite moments were: the speeches as I found them very funny and sentimental. I also loved wearing my new suit which was custom made. Finally, seeing Lizzy in her dress for the first time.”


For Elizabeth:

“My favourite moments included the walk to the Church and down to the marquee as it’s not every day that you see so many smartly dresses people walking through Elsing! I also really enjoyed the speeches; my Dad’s speech did bring a tear to my eye. Another of my favourite moments, though Harley will tell me off for saying this, was when he forgot his name during the vows as he said that his name was William (which is his middle name) rather than Harley. This got a laugh from people and I know it helped to relax both Harley and I.”



It may sound a bit boring, but Lizzy – and pretty much every other bride you meet – will tell you that organisation is key.

“I was told that I was a very laid back bride, but I think this was because I had sorted a lot of things in advance. Also, I found it really useful looking at ideas on Pinterest and in local magazines as it helped me get a picture in my mind of what it was I wanted.” 

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