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by:   on: 3rd July 2017

Just a quick post and an update for our lovely brides and suppliers. We have been away and not quite as active as you are all used to, but there was a reason for that. Do read on to find out what happened and what is happening next.

So some of you have noticed that we have been a little quieter over the past couple of months and there were several reasons for it and we thought honesty is best policy, so there you are.


We had to say goodbye

First of all – I had terrible news, that our beloved granddad ( who was like a father to us) was very poorly and I have been going back and forth visiting my family to help with his care for some time now. My heart breaks writing this, but unfortunately, at the age of 87 he did eventually give up the fight and left us couple of weeks ago. It has been a very tough time for the family and work was probably the last thing on my mind. It hasn’t been long since I returned to the UK, but I am coming to terms with the fact that life does go on and we cannot sit still – I am very much certain that he would not have wanted for me to stall. He was a grafter, a hustler… He worked very hard for absolutely everything he had for his entire life and I know that he is probably looking down on me now and wishing that I would stop procrastinating and get on with work. And that I shall do…  🙂

The Timings 

Secondly, unlike most of the wedding suppliers, who get really busy from May – September with weddings, our busy time at NB HQ starts predominantly from July until around March. During this time, we are very busy planning our annual Norfolk Brides Magazine, wedding shows, working on collaborations, photo-shoots and so on. By the end of our ‘season’ I am usually absolutely exhausted and need to take some time out to let my brain rest a little ( fellow creative peeps will understand what I mean) .

I love the fact that Norfolk Brides has grown to be a full time job with enough work for two people since we first started, but it has been tough having to stretch myself between work and business as well as my family and in attempt to have some form of social life over past years.  I am still working hard trying to find this evasive work – home life balance ( no luck as yet – if any of you know the secret to it – please share!). Because of this, this year, outside of our usual website and wedding directory, we will be organizing only the Great Yarmouth Wedding Show on Sunday, 28th January 2018, and working on our annual Magazine.

Having run Norfolk Brides for past 6 years and due to the demands and particular requirements of the industry and the nature of the business, I have learned when the busy times are, as well as the months where I can catch a breather.  Usually it gets much quieter between April and June before things start picking up in July with the plans for the Norfolk Brides Magazine. I think it is safe to assume that from now on, this is something that I will be adopting moving forward in order to spend more time with my family, get my sanity back and get refreshed before the next season. In the quieter months we will still be working on our social media presence  to make sure that our lovely brides get their wedding inspiration fix; and will be updating the website as usual ( the quietness this year was an exception due to the really terrible time we had as a family) we just may be quieter on new projects during the summer months and our Out of Office may be turned on a little more often 🙂

What’s Happening Next 

There are some exciting updates and Norfolk Brides website / directory  is having a bit of a re-vamp and I hope we can share some of our changes with you very soon (and hope you like them!) +  we are nearly finished with planning the contents for the 4th issue of Norfolk Brides Magazine too. Having had this time away, despite it being awful personally, I am feeling very much inspired to focus and better Norfolk Brides even further, so you, our lovely brides can get even more help, support and ideas moving forward.



… if you are one of our brides, and you are already hitched – get in touch with us and send us your wedding so it can be considered for our 4th issue of Norfolk Brides Magazine ( photographers can apply also!)


…. If you are a wedding supplier with a cool and quirky business and would like to be in front of our fab couples – drop us a line too – we have some gorgeous wedding features planned for the next issue!

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