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A Most Curious Wedding Fair // Exhibitors

by:   on: 19th January 2015

Photo Credit // LM Weddings

St Andrews Hall, Norwich NR3 1AU

8th February 2015 – 11AM – 4:30PM

It’s not long now until A Most Curious Wedding Fair (AMCWF) is back in Norwich trail blazers in the wedding world, Most Curious is the biggest dedicated fashion, fun and design-led wedding show in the UK, with over 50 exhibitors hand picked for their finger on the pulse and creativity in their hearts.

A celebration of the cool up and coming designers and makers in the wedding industry with an emphasis on local talent, vintage gems and a few big names too, making for an explosion of inspiration for creative couples, with refreshments and exciting fashion shows throughout the day.

We want to unite the most creative couples with the most exciting, chic and open minded wedding suppliers in the UK all under one roof, with wild and free florists, expressive cake makers, en trend and enchanting dress makers, design loving stationers, mischievous and merry making musicians, hearty and wholesome caterers, editorially inclined photographers – who just ‘get it’ you know. They ‘get you’ and want to hear what YOU want, not push what they want on your W-day.

To wet your appetite we thought we give you a sneak peak to a few of our exhibitors who will be joining us in Norwich…. 

Sassa’s Cakes

Here at AMCWF HQ we love cake! I know – who doesn’t? But my love is serious. So believe me when I tell you that Sassa’s Cakes are an absolutely sterling piece of bakery. They are art. And don’t just take my excellent taste as gospel – designer Matthew Williamson has commissioned a cake from them, for his SS14 show at London Fashion Week.

The cakes speak for themselves – their designs range from the unusual to the traditional, from rustic to contemporary, from chocolate to the best damn Victoria sponges I’ve ever seen. And if you’re one of those people that gets a bit depressed if there isn’t something chocolate on the dessert menu, then I promise these Victoria sponges will change you for the better. Because I was like you, once.

Sassa’s is a business built upon passion, and creativity. The family team of Debbie, her husband Giles, and their daughter Kayleigh is an absolute winner, and anyone that can write “OMG is that a cake” on their website has got my full support. They offer a free comprehensive consultation service (even if you’re not 100% clear about what you want), can show you a range of dummy cakes, and talk to you about how best to design your cake basedon your taste and your budget. Seriously, just LOOK at them:

Beth Moseley Photography

Because of her experience in natural reportage photography, Beth has a knack for spotting moments that speak a thousand words – something that’s really important if you – like me – tend to get a bit tense and uncomfortable in front of a camera (the amount of times I’ve been told “that face isn’t doing you any favours”…). Beth’s way is such that she completely puts you at ease, and will work to whatever feels most comfortable for you.

As a wedding photographer, she strives to create those unique, contemporary and authentic images that capture your love and reflect your individuality as a couple.

But what Beth’s especially good at, is using every bit of visual material – from the smallest detail to the largest – and bringing it all together. She doesn’t miss a thing. She will create a set of photographs that speak truly of everything that your wedding was, and the result is stunning, story like and most importantly, good humoured.

Beth can also shoot your engagement photos, which not only is a brilliant excuse to get an extra set of fabulous snaps for Save the Date cards to your wall, but is also a great way to get used to being in front of a camera.

Photo Credit // Beth Moseley Photography

Photo Credit // Beth Moseley Photography

Argent and Sable

Argent and Sable create stunning illuminated vintage fairground inspired signs using reclaimed materials and authentic fairground cabochon lighting. Each of their super unique and illuminating vintage sign is hand painted by Dan and Rusty and individually made in the Argent and Sable workshop. The authentic fairground lights are custom fitted for each individual sign. They make truly one off and bespoke fairground inspired sign and lights. Get in touch with your idea and they will make it happen!

Their strap line is Bringing Fun and Frivolity to Your Interior, Business, Wedding or Event, and boy do they do that!

Ask them about their wedding sign hire service.

Photo credit // Beth Moseley Photography & Argent and Sable

Photo credit // Beth Moseley Photography & Argent and Sable

The Fire Pitt Camp

Here at an AMCWF, we are big fans of a good ole wedding shindig. And where better to have a shindig than in a Norfolk meadow, surrounded by friends, all to the soundtrack of a crackling fire?! Well, The Fire Pitt Camp are here to make that happen!

After attending last year’s fair, we are absolutely delighted that the family-run and owned business are exhibiting with us this year to showcase their unique wedding venue, and boutique campsite. Nestled within their meadow are pitches for 15 – 20 tents, situated around a communal fire pit (an ACTUAL fire pit!). And while your guests are sleeping off the evening (and let’s face it, the early hours of the morning too…), you and your partner can retire to the simply stunning ‘Wren’s Nest’ – a handmade and completely cosy hazel bender tent!

And not only is the venue incredible, but the Fire-Pit Camp will look after you from start to finish, and can offer an events planning service. In the past they’ve had burlesque dancers, fire-eaters, festival themes, and

they’ve got a double-decker bus (the beloved Leila) that can be used however you want (dancefloor!!).

The inside and outside view of the incredible Wren’s Nest – ideal for hen parties, or as a bridal suite. !

Photo Credit // The Fire Pitt Camp

Photo Credit // The Fire Pitt Camp

Flamingo Amy Hair Styling and Make-Up

Flamingo Amy is a rare bird: someone who’s in equal measures humble, talented, and passionate about what she does.

After completing a Fine Art degree in Norwich, Amy went on to train at Nina’s Hair Parlour in London before returning to the fine city, where she currently works at Flint Salon. Amy maintains that her success is down to a lot of luck and coincidences, but talking to her, you can really tell that you’re speaking to someone who cares deeply about what she does, and the business she’s created.

Her interest in art history, sociology and fashion lends her work style AND substance – in my short conversation with Amy I learned that ‘Victory Rolls’ were so named to boost morale during WW2, and were a tribute to the spin done by an airplane after shooting down an enemy in battle. Who knew?

The hair and make-up itself is flawless: bouncing curls, red lips, chic vintage rolls, elegant beehives…really, really great eyebrows. Amy’s got it. She can also claim to be able to create a beehive that withstands gravity (true story; she once did the hair for a shoot in which the model was upside down…). There is thought behind Amy’s work, but very much more importantly, there is passion behind it. Style AND substance; that’s Amy! 

Photo credit //Camilla Fellgate Photography

Photo credit //Camilla Andrea Photography

The Little Lending Company

I hate to use the phrase ‘the devil is in the detail’ in a blog post about such a happy occasion, BUT, the Little Lending Company are here to provide all of the details that will make your wedding perfectly and wholly wonderful.

You’re having a home-made wedding cake? You can hire a vintage cake-stand. Winter Wedding? Hire a selection of cosy wool blankets for your guests to snuggle up in (and while you’re at it, maybe some fairy lights to see you through the darker evening…). Pimm’s fan? Then the elegant glass drinks dispensers were made for you!

And if you’re anything like me, and a sucker for anything nostalgic, you can hire a polaroid camera and a typewriter, to capture the day in a fashion that’s touchingly candid (and looks darned sexy). The brilliant thing about The Little Lending Co. is that they offer you a service, AND they offer you inspiration. I’d highly recommend going to visit them at their HQ in Watlington, because not only do they promise to “stick the kettle on” (brilliant), but they stock all kinds of wonderful things you maybe wouldn’t have considered. Like tree stumps, for example. Tree stumps. Amazing.

If your loving the sound of this then you will love feasting your eyes on the decorations at Norwich’s AMCWF which will be partly down to the super talented Penny from The Little Lending Company.

Photo Credit // DS Photography

Photo Credit // DS Photography

The Little Flower Shop

The Little Flower Shop has just hit its second year, and it is blooming!

For a start, the flowers are STUNNING. I can’t really even describe them as bouquets, because I think that would suggest that Samantha’s work is rigid and claustrophobic (which it definitely isn’t); I’d describe her work more as carefully selected collections of flowers and foliage – loosely tied into

delicate poseys, or wild wreaths. Her work is a celebration of all the textures and colours that nature has to offer, and is crafted with the rest of the day in mind: the shape of the top table for example, or the colour of the dress.

Photo Credit // The Little Flower Shop

Photo Credit // Camilla Andrea Photography

Words by Isabel Johnson.

Oh, and don’t forget that you can get your free copy of the Norfolk Brides Magazine when you attend this show so be sure to pop along and get your copy of the brand spanking new wedding glossy! 


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