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Top Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers

by:   on: 8th October 2018
How to choose your wedding supplier. Photo by Ross Harvey. Norfolk Brides Wedding Blog.

How to choose your wedding supplier. Photo by Ross Harvey. Norfolk Brides Wedding Blog.

Whether you’re having a completely DIY wedding or are going for a managed package with a venue, there will come a point in your planning process where you will need to assemble a crack team of suppliers to help you have the best day ever! Selecting the right suppliers will not only help you achieve incredible results on your big day, it will also make the planning process stress-free and allow you to relax knowing your wedding is in safe hands. Here are our top tips for getting it right!

All about the money

Obviously, cash is king when it comes to choosing suppliers. First of all, work out what you can actually afford to spend so that you approach suppliers within your price point, after all, you don’t want to get your heart set on your dream supplier if they are light years away from what you have allocated. Having said that, if there are businesses or packages that are slightly out of your budget, don’t be afraid to contact them anyway and ask what they can do to tailor their services to fit the budget you have available. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Location, location, location

It seems obvious really, but we would always recommend choosing suppliers who are based locally to your venue. Whilst you may have come across an incredible 6-piece band in Cornwall, the cost of getting them to play at your wedding in Norfolk may well be extortionate! If your budget is larger and you are able to cover travel and accommodation costs, then it could be feasible, however, there will be lots of talented wedding professionals wherever you choose to say ‘I do’. Selecting local suppliers not only means they are likely to know your venue, they will also probably have worked with some of your other suppliers (for example, if you choose a separate bar and caterer or band and DJ) which really can work in your favour.

How to choose your wedding supplier. Photo by Ross Harvey. Norfolk Brides Wedding Blog.

How to choose your wedding supplier. Photo by Ross Harvey. Norfolk Brides Wedding Blog.

Tried and tested

A great place to start is by asking your venue for any supplier recommendations that they might have. These businesses know the venue well and will also have an understanding of any rules or challenges that come with your chosen space. Similarly, also ask married friends and family about their experiences and who they couldn’t have done without when they got married – personal recommendations always go a long way. Remember to check out online reviews and feedback from their previous couples.

Do your research

We cannot stress the importance of this one…because even salt looks like sugar! At One Curious Dream, we regularly hear horror stories about couples being let down by unscrupulous wedding suppliers who have either overpromised and under delivered or not had the skills and experience to provide the service or goods being sold.

Make sure you research any supplier you are thinking of using thoroughly and dig deep – don’t just look at the total number of online reviews, for example, make sure those reviews actually relate to the service you are looking to book. Finally, do be wary of businesses that appear to be in a permanent ‘sales state’ – whilst offering a special deal from time to time is very standard business practice, posting new discounted packages on a daily basis hints at underlying cashflow problems that you could bear the brunt of later down the line.

Social media is a great way for businesses to show what they can do, but so often clients are attracted to businesses with huge social media follower numbers. Again, do your research and take a look at who those followers are. Unfortunately there are companies who buy followers which can hoodwink unsuspecting clients who think they are getting the real deal. If you see follower numbers increasing rapidly but no substantial content to attract people, there’s probably something fishy going on – take a closer look and and stay cautious.

How to choose your wedding supplier. Photo by Ross Harvey. Norfolk Brides Wedding Blog.

How to choose your wedding supplier. Photo by Ross Harvey. Norfolk Brides Wedding Blog.

All under one roof

Guys, we can’t recommend this enough – visit a wedding fair. Be selective about which one you choose to attend to ensure you get suppliers that are in line with the vision for your day. It’s a great opportunity to meet and compare lots of suppliers all under one roof and can potentially save you lots of time. Check out some fabulous local wedding fair on Wedding Event’s page.

Go with your gut

Finally, our most important tip – follow your gut instinct. Given the huge role that most suppliers play in bringing your wedding vision to life, it’s so, SO important that you like the people you are dealing with not only in terms of their personality and understanding of your day but also in the way they conduct their business. Are they responsive to phone calls and emails? Are they always happy to help with unusual or quirky requests? Do they seem to understand what you are aiming to achieve? Are they flexible and open to incorporating your ideas into the services or goods they provide? In most cases, if you get good vibes, you’re on to a winner!

Do you have any of your own tips to add to our list? Let us know on social media pages or drop us a line!

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