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7 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Venue Stylist

by:   on: 22nd May 2018
7 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Venue Stylist. One Curious Dream for Norfolk Brides

7 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Venue Stylist.


It’s safe to say that wedding season has started with a bang for the One Curious Dream team and it’s been an absolute joy helping so many couples get hitched in style already this year. We’ve loved designing and styling some beautiful weddings, have styled some seriously awesome shoots and have had a lot of fun working with some amazingly ace couples!

I’m often asked about what we do as wedding stylists, so, I thought this month it would be a great opportunity to shed a little light on our role and how we can help you create the perfect setting for your big day.

What does a wedding stylist do?

Primarily, it is the role of a wedding stylist to take your fantasy design ideas and refine them into a consistent décor scheme that works with your venue, theme, ideas and budget. Simple, eh?!

As stylists, we know that you are likely to have spent hours and hours (and hours!) poring over bridal magazines and Pinterest, gathering ideas and creating mood boards for the design of your big day.

Often, the couples we work with come to us with an abundance of ideas but are struggling to understand how these can be translated into their venue, or, be delivered within budget. Frequently, our design consultations begin with statements such as “we want a vintage, rustic, boho wedding” – our role here is to help you narrow down the options and find a style that sets your heart on fire.

Of course, many couples also have the opposite concern and struggle to visualise how their wedding will look at all – in these circumstances, it is our job to provide some creative input to help you develop a concept you love that works at your venue and of course, with your budget.

Capturing your personality

Your wedding stylist will take the time to get to know you and find ways to incorporate your personal style and story into your décor scheme. When designing, what we are looking to do is create a unique concept that works with your venue, but also create spaces that reflect you both as a couple.

Personal details such as photographs and family heirlooms are easily incorporated to give a sense of history and personal style – we’ll find out what makes you tick and what you love in your every day life so that we can weave some of those elements into the designs.

Guest Experience

It’s important that we also focus on the guest experience and how you want them to feel at each stage of their journey – we look to create moods and evoke feelings rather than just designing spaces that look pretty! We like to take a sensory approach, so we don’t just think about the visuals, for example, we often use fresh herbs and specify flowers with specific smells to help awaken the senses!

Practical but pretty

We also take a practical approach and share our experience when better solutions are available – for example, beautiful as they are, foliage runners down the middle of long feasting tables can cause havoc for guests who are trying to tuck into to sharing platters at the wedding breakfast – after all, who fancies an addition of surprise greenery in their antipasti?! Comfort is also key – whilst they may look awesome, asking elderly people to spend a lengthy period sitting on benches or chairs without much back support, won’t leave them feeling comfortable or allow them to enjoy the overall experience.


The creative network

Wedding stylists can step into the planning process at any stage of your design journey, but the earlier we become involved, the more input we can have into helping you source other creatives to pull your overall scheme together. It’s also good to have a clear direction from the outset so that you can relax, knowing that the design of your wedding is in safe hands.

All wedding stylists will have their own little black book of contacts who can be called upon to help create the setting of your dreams. At One Curious Dream, many of the creatives we regularly work with offer discounts to our clients, so we can often actually save you some cash as well!


They allow you to relax!

One of the major reasons that most couples choose to hire a wedding stylist is that we take the stress away! Our job is not only to help you design your wedding but to take the lead role in the set up as well.

Quite often we do this the day before so that you can be involved in the process, but for couples who don’t have the luxury of a longer venue hire, this can really take the pressure off. It means that you can relax on the day of your wedding knowing that your stylist will take care of all the details so that it looks amazing when you and your guests arrive.


They enable friends and family to enjoy the wedding

And on that note – lots of couples initially plan to delegate styling and set up jobs to friends and family, but then come to the realisation that this can add unnecessary stress and tension for people who should otherwise be enjoying the lead up to the day. Having a professional stylist on board who will take control of the styling at your venue, means more time for your loved ones to relax and enjoy the lead up to your wedding.

They help your photographs look amazing!

Probably a key one – having professional support to design and style your wedding venue means your photographs will pop! Having a beautiful backdrop for you and your beau to be pictured against guarantees some seriously stylish snaps for the mantlepiece!




Fancy chatting through your wedding design and styling plans? One Curious Dream were voted the top wedding venue stylists for the East of England in 2018 and would love to help you bring your ideas to life!


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