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5 Tips for choosing the right Wedding Show for your business

by:   on: 17th February 2016

Looking to fill your diary with wedding bookings? 

Every business, whether a start-up or an established company with a good customer base is on a look out for ways to get new leads. For businesses offering wedding services or products finding new customers is a daily battle. Read on for my thoughts and tips helping choose the right wedding show for your businesses. 

There are so many ways of reaching out to the newly engaged couples, but one of the most effective ways besides online marketing – is meeting to customers face to face and presenting your product directly to the buyer. Attending Wedding Shows, Fairs and exhibitions offers just that.

There is an ‘art’ of choosing which show to go to, since there are so many wedding events that are being put on by professional organisations or the wedding venues themselves.

Grab a cuppa and read on for my top 5 tips on choosing wedding event to get more leads for your business:

1. Chose an event taking place within your area of service. 

This really depends on the type of the business you run. If you are selling your products online and can post them ( wedding invitations personalised prints etc) – location shouldn’t be an issue for you. Also, if you offer certain services – such as wedding planning or if you are, say, a wedding toastmaster – location shouldn’t be an issue for you either. I guess, it is easiest to decide based on how far you are wiling to travel to see the couple without charging them for it. This goes both ways – while some couples will travel to come and see you – most will stick to their location and will travel within 10 – 15 mile radius.

2. Research Event Organisers and their success rate. 

If you are spending your hard earned cash – know where it is going to and how likely you are to get the return on your investment. If someone has been doing successful events for 5 – 10 – 20 years and other suppliers are raving about them – those are the companies to go with. Smaller show and start-up businesses are also worth a try ( everyone deserves a chance, right?) but don’t book them JUST for the price. Ask questions about how the event will be promoted and what numbers they are hoping to attend. You must feel comfortable with & confident in the person/business you are going to be working with. 

3. Allocate your budget for the right events. 

I could talk about this forever about this. My personal opinion is – it is better to invest in a fewer but  better established and bigger events, rather than just go for the cheapest one around. Chances are – the super cheap events wont have the budget to promote the show and the attendances are likely to be poorly. Or it may be attended just by the couples that had booked that wedding venue in particular. Of course – there is a likelihood that even the smaller events will be hugely successful too.  On the other hand, some wedding shows can also be too big – are you ready for the masses? It is rather unlikely for you to be able to speak to ALL 500  – 1000 couples that attend the show so it is a bit of a false economy and can end up being a leaflet drop.

4. Aim for the shows with the right amount of footfall. 

What is the right amount you ask? In my opinion, as per point made above – go for events where you will be likely to get a chance to speak with most of the couples rather than the events that promises to be excessively busy. If you are not able to speak with the couple – it is a wasted lead ( which you are still having to pay for in an expensive stand cost!). The events with hardly any footfall are the most frustrating ones though – spending the whole day standing around and doing nothing is nothing but a torture ( trust me – been there, done that!) 

5. Invest and get creative with your stand. 

That is possibly the most obvious yet the most commonly ignored thing I see wedding suppliers do. They spend loads of money for an entry fee, but then some tend to forget that the way they present their business is an absolute key to their success on the day. Get creative, make your business stand out and please, make sure you have the key information AND your diary.

These are fairly simple but very important things to consider when booking a stand at the wedding show, and there are many more factors that you should bear in mind when attending one of those to promote your business. I think it will have to be a post for another time though 🙂

I hope that by using these tips you will be able to make profitable decisions in the future. You can only learn and find what works for your business by trial and error, and there is nothing wrong with that. We all have to do this. One thing for sure though  – there is no right or wrong – what will work for one, may not work for another so go out there and explore for yourself! 

… and of course, if you have any other suggestions or tips for wedding suppliers – please share those too! 

Oh, and if you are looking for a wedding show to attend to soon – Norfolk Brides are holding a wedding show at Wensum Valley Hotel & Country Club in Taverham, Norwich on Sunday, 13th March. With 10 very successful wedding events under our belt ( est. 2011), we are very excited to be launching this new event in Norwich and we have a handful of exhibitor spaces still available.

Get in touch with us for exhibitor pack.

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