DIY WEDDING: Pro's & Con's

21 September 2016 / Real Weddings/ Wedding Planning

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DIY weddings are SO in right now. There are many couples who are attempting to do the whole thing from scratch and some, just add a few small touches and details to make it feel more personal. 

It may look fairly easy and straight forward, to pull off right? 

Read on to find out about the Pro's and Con's of planning a DIY Wedding straight from our real-life bride Bonnie!

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WEDDING PLANNING: Lawfully wedded?

06 September 2016 / Supplier Spotlight/ Wedding Planning

A wedding ceremony is without a doubt one of the most romantic occasions of your life but there is also a legal aspect to it, with partners agreeing to become each other’s “lawful wedded” wife or husband.

So aside from the ceremony itself, what other legal implications are there to getting married and should you be considering these in the run up to your big day?

We aksked for some clarification from Amanda Owens, the Head of Family Team at Steeles Law Solicitors

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